OK, newbie here to Republic



There is a sale on a phone I was thinking of getting my daughter…it is at B&H photo/video website and comes with a free Republic Wireless SIM package. So, my question is this…will this phone work like a normal phone in my area (zip code 13850) or do I need to buy directly from you for that to happen? I don’t want to get her a phone that is only WiFi compatible with no cellular connection. Oh, and it has to be GSM. Where I live, there is only one network that reaches us and that is AT&T. Verizon is weak, Sprint is non-existent, as is T-Mobile. If you piggyback on AT&T’s network, we can make this work. Please let me know if this is possible. I need a techie who knows his stuff…


Republic doesn’t partner with AT&T. The GSM coverage for the carrier they do partner with is downright lousy in your area. They have small partches of roaming (that would be roaming on AT&T) large areas of very weak signal and large areas of no coverage. Honestly, I can’t recommend Republic service where you are.


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