Old 4.0 phone account left open after transfer to 5.0

My wife’s number transfer to a new Pixel 5a on 5.0 from an old phone on 4.0 started working seven days ago. But as soon as that happened, her old 4.0 phone was assigned a new number that we don’t want. Her 2GB/month 4.0 account is paid through May 22nd.

We want the old account closed and its balance (including the past seven days worth) transferred to the 5.0 account. Do we need to open a ticket?

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Its a good question. I think I would open a ticket.

I opened a ticket. They closed the old account and they say the balance from the old account will transfer to the new account before the next billing cycle. But until I contacted them, I don’t think there were any plans to close the old account.

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