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Hello folks. I don’t by a long long stretch live by my phone. I usually have to look for it.
Simple question: How much internal storage does my Moto G have? 1st gen.
Counting the apps that came pre-installed, I have 40. When I tried to load another, the phone said I don’t have enough space. Can I add more storage somehow or do I have to say good bye to Moto G


G1 was 8GB storage I believe and doesn’t have the ability to add a SD card for additional storage. Good news is if you upgrade to the least expensive RW phones you should find enough data for many old guys.

There are several tips about clearing memory/apps/garbage in this earlier discussion from today.


:stuck_out_tongue: not that old @nicholasa.ik35t5, it’s just that 8GB internal memory is not very much by today’s standards. Whether or not you need a new device is subjective considering your declaration,

16GB internal storage is becoming the ‘low’ standard, while 32GB would be considered future proof in that regard. It honestly sounds to me like you may want to upgrade your device, but there may be other options since you are not married to theses silly little computers. :grinning:


Lol…yeah, its not that old, but that much internal memory is on the low side.
However, when I got my moto X way back, we are talking 1st gen here, saw some YouTube vids that ‘extended’ your memory by attaching a dohickey externally, giving yourself more memory.
I usually just delete stuff and re add as needed.


The 1st Gen Moto G can in both 8 and 16 GB storage and the OS and pre-installed apps takes up about 4 GB [to tell which you have go to settings:settingsicon: [in app drawer:appsicon:] scroll down to storage and one will see 3-4GB under total space, while in the screen go down to cache storage and tap to clear it out this will most likely free up some space]

Some more space management tips here


There are limits to the USB to Go Drives as they extended the bottom of the phone, and they need to be unmounted when charging the phone


You can make some room on the phone by deleting things or transferring photos to a computer, etc.
You can also make room by clearing the Android System Cache Partition:

Here are the instructions for your convenience, takes about 20 minutes to complete and it will NOT delete personal information:

  1. Turn off your phone and remove any charging cables.

  2. With the phone off, press and hold both the VOL DOWN and POWER buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds, then release both buttons.

  3. The phone will display different boot options. Use VOL DOWN to scroll through the options to RECOVERY MODE and press the VOL UP button to select.

  4. The phone will display the Motorola logo, then the Android figure lying down with an exclamation point with the words No Command underneath. Press and hold the POWER button and tap the VOL UP button. Note: If you wait too long to perform this step, the phone will reboot and you’ll need to start the process again.

  5. The phone will display additional menu options, with text in blue. Use the VOL DOWN button to scroll to Wipe Cache Partition and press the POWER button to select it. The cache wipe will begin immediately.

  6. After the Cache Wipe is complete, the blue text menu items will reappear, with “Reboot system now” highlighted. Press the POWER button to select it.

After you clear the cache partition, you should be able to use this simple way to transfer photos and items to your compute with this app. It’s free and handles huge files. This is an excellent tool if you have unlimited WiFi data through your ISP! If you do not, then you will need to use a USB connection.

Use this link to receive the photos and files:


I agree that clearing the system cache as described above is a good idea but a quicker and easier (but less complete) option is to go to settings then go to storage. One of the items under storage is cache. tap on that and agree to clear cache. I do that with my 1st gen moto X when I get the message that there is not enough storage and it is usually enough to update apps.


Yes thank you for mentioning this. That is clearing app data cache which can make some room, depending on the apps on the phone. Clearing Android System Cache Partition can make lots of room at times. This is where Android stores it’s temp files. Sometimes they’re quite big especially if the phone has received OS updates.


Thank you jartero. I will nose around for a memory extender, for the phone I mean!


Thank you drm186. I took your advice and tapped on cache storage and gained about 1/2 a gig. cool


Thank you littletoucan very much. I printed your instructions and am off and running.


Thank you for your idea. I did it and gained about 1/4 to 1/2 a gig more. cool


Thank you williamo.vkbgOs. When I went to the forum page it was kind of overwhelming.
So I threw out my question and so many people helped. Pretty nice.


Thank you c1tobor. I appreciate your comments as well.


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