Old phone dead republic not sending code to new Samsung or email

I have bought a Samsung A12, My LG Pro has died.

I cannot get republic to send email so I can recover data from old phone.

Can you describe in further depth what is going on? Are you trying to sign into your Samsung account, Google Account? have you downloaded the Republic app to the new phone yet?

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Hi @williamh.9iypas,

If there’s anything more you can tell us about what you’re trying to do, it would be very helpful. I can’t think of any e-mail or code that Republic sends anyone or anything that affects data recovery.

I’m also concerned because I took a look at your interactions with our Help Team and could not find any kind of request for such a code. If you are working with someone who claims to be able to help you recover data from a dead phone and they are claiming to be Republic Wireless, please be very careful. I don’t think you’re working with any Republic Wireless staff.

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