Old phone inoperable, how do I transfer service and keep the refund plan?

My Mom has the Moto X. It no longer works and cannot be repaired. She wants a new phone and also wants to keep her refund plan. Which phones work with that plan and how do we go about transferring her service to the new phone?

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Only legacy phones will work with the legacy plans.
Legacy phones are the custom ROM Republic versions of the Moto X 1st gen. Moto X 2nd gen, Moto E 1st gen, Moto E 2nd gen, Moto G 1st gen, and Moto G 3rd gen
These phones are no longer made so you’ll have to look at third party used phones

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If you are going to pursue the option of looking for a used, legacy Republic Wireless phone, here is a link to a helpful document on this topic:


I recommend Swappa. I have bought and sold several phones on that site. Much safer than ebay.

There is very limited options though for the Legacy phones.
You may have to get on on ebay, but even in the best condition, these phones are a few to several years old now. So their battery life isnt going to be good.

I’ve purchased a replacement legacy phone (Moto g3 XT1548).
What are the steps to activate it and tie it to my refund plan?

Activation is done though the Republic app on the phone, it can replace your current line[and plan] (just login and select the line you want it to replace) or be a new line on the refund plan

Note if there is no Republic app on the phone then it most likely not the Republic version of that phone

It’s a RW phone (moto g3 xt1548). I’m getting two messages: “Order line must contain an offer with ref_id”, and “The sim card has locked. Please power cycle the device and if problem persists contact customer service.”
Does this mean I need to purchase a new sim card, and if so, how do I do that?

Look at this help article:


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