Old phone/newer phone?

I have a MotoX, 2nd generation. Seems to be working OK, with the exception of the short battery life and that the phone frequently is quite warm (showing power demand is high)

But on several occasions, I tried to get an “app” and I get a statement that the phone does not support that app.

Q-- is this a problem related to age? If so, do all current models have that problem solved? Or, if not, how do I select a replacement?

Whatever the replacement, it must have a bigger battery capacity

Thanks, Ralph

Hi @ralphk.ct34iu and welcome to the Community!

Yes, the inability to install certain apps is age related. It’s the age of the Android operating system on the phone rather than the phone per se. It is no longer possible to update Android on your Moto X2. Any reasonably modern Republic compatible phone and any phone currently sold in Republic’s online store would solve the issue.

A potential downside, however, is you would need to give up your current plan. Keeping your grandfathered plan with a new Republic phone isn’t possible. Republic’s new phones require use of Republic’s My Choice plan: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless. In Republic’s words:

“Republic Wireless My Choice is an entirely new offer and has tons of new features like wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) experience. With these features, we’ve also made changes to price points.” Republic hopes you’ll find the value proposition to be appealing.

You might find this Community resource to be of interest when comparing potential new phones: Detailed Supported Phone Features.

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