Old Plan Issues

I am on an old grandfathered plan the $25 a month for unlimited talk, text and 3G data. Anyone else having lots of issues with text messaging on this plan. I am having major issues with Group texts not coming in right, they have to be downloaded by each person individually, then they may post to the group text. It is quite annoying and I am ready to drop Republic due to this, it is driving me crazy. Any way to fix this? Or is Republic trying to run off all these old members on this plan by messing with us.

Hi @bradleyh.x02qni,

No, Republic isn’t trying to run off folks using grandfathered plans. So long as you are content to use your current phone, you’re welcome to continue doing so.

Sorry to hear of the text messaging issues. I suggest having a look here: Troubleshooting Texting Issues. If no relief there, please consider raising a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here.

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