Old RW phone still sending/receiving text messages?

I switched out of RW to another carrier. Ph. that was on RW is still sending/receiving texts; no longer receiving/sending phone calls (which is should not) so why is it texting??

Hi @ronaldl.5nibxb

Any smartphone that no longer has cell service will still work like a tiny tablet computer that can access the Internet via WiFi.

Is it possible these texts are really messages going to some other app, such as Facebook or Whatsapp and not the texting app?

Depending on how long ago it was transferred, I think it takes a couple of days to fully complete the transfer. So you may see this happening with texts

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Hi, thanks,

It turns out that the Google Chat had been turned on which overode RW’s phone messaging.

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Hi, thanks,

It turns out Google Chat had been turned on.

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You’re welcome, @ronaldl.5nibxb

Thanks for reporting back!

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