Old RW phone still working

Do I need to deactivate the old RW moto X 1st after getting a new moto 4e ? The new phone is working and making calls, but old phone still does everything except calls.

Can I leave the old one as it is and use WiFi for searching, etc, without any cost ?

As long as your number is on your new phone, you’re good to go. The phone will continue to work on wifi like a mini-tablet. That’s completely normal (and the same for a deactivated phone from any carrier).


You may want to keep it in airplane mode to save battery as it no longer has cellular service.

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Thanks. So no cost to do this, right?

seems to be still able to txt with Messenger ?? Just sent txt from old phone with no phone number and in airplane mode and received the txt on the new moto e4.

hi @jamesw.1v9was,

Which Messenger app are you using? Facebook Messenger would continue to work on Wi-Fi, even if the phone is not activated. It’s not tied to your phone service.

If you’re referring to the stock text messaging app or Google Messages and it is sending text messages from your phone number, that will probably fix itself once the phone syncs with our servers again. If it persists, and concerns you, you may be able to speed up the necessary housekeeping by launching the dialer as if you were going to make a call, bringing up the numeric keypad, and dialing *#*#8647#*#* with the phone on Wi-Fi.

Thanks. I’ll keep watching it. Tough stuff to learn for an old guy.

To answer this question, which would be my concern, too, there is no cost because the phone is no longer activated on our service. It will able to surf the internet and use apps that don’t require a cellular connection any time you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Just like to add as long as you activated your new phone as a replacement for the old phone/number will be automatically deactivated.

It can then be used as you desire or could be reactivated for use as a phone using a RW 2.0 plan in the future.

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