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What phone do you have? Moto E and Moto G

What plan are you on? Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just Talk and Text

Issue Description

I am trying to transfer service, contacts, and text messages from by Republic Wireless (RW) phone purchased in 2014 to my new RW phone. In the setup process, contacts and text messages from my wife’s Android phone purchased in Panama are​ being transferred instead of contacts and text messages from my 2014 RW phone. Also, the service from the 2014 RW is not transferring: The 2014 RW is still the one functioning and having service. There is no service on the new phone.

Hi @ronw.1xuugv,

This suggests you used your wife’s Google (Gmail) account rather than the Google account on your old phone when setting up the new phone. Might this be a possibility?

Was the new phone purchased from Republic or a third party retailer? If a third party retailer, did you acquire a new Republic SIM separately? Have you installed, opened and followed the onscreen prompts in the Republic app on the new phone? Republic’s activation guidance is linked here:

I think we are getting there, rolandh. I want to keep the same service on the new phone, including the billing, as on the old phone. How do we keep the same service?

Thank you,

Hi @ronw.1xuugv,

Keeping your service is not the issue. Your number, plan and billing won’t change. The how depends upon the answers to the questions I asked in my initial response to your post. Are you able to see those?

I think I did use my wife’s Google (Gmail) account instead of my Google (Gmail) account originally associated with the old phone. Is there a way to clear what I have done on the new phone and start over with my account details?

Thank you, rolandh

Good Morning @ronw.1xuugv,

Two ways. Best practice would be to factory reset your new phone, the set it up again from scratch. Republic service on the new phone wouldn’t be impacted.

If you’ve already added some of your user content to the phone and don’t wish to start over with a factory reset, add your Google account to the phone, then delete your wife’s Google account. If you need details on that, please let us know.


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