Older text messages not appearing in Anywhere

Hi folks. I recently installed Anywhere for the newer phones. My problem is that my messages are only appearing back till May 8th of this year. If I open the stock messaging app, my full history appears. Any ideas on how do get Anywhere to display the full history?

Also, when I first loaded it this morning, it was only showing the past few days. Each time I exited out (swipe to close) and reopened the app, a few more would appear. It has stopped this, though, and will not go back past the 8th.

Thank you for you time and help!

Try “reset local content” in Settings.

WAIT! I believe Reset Local Content will cause you to lose everything except the last 30 days of texts. Have you made Anywhere your default messaging app?

You are correct about that, sir! If one wants to save what’s on the phone more than 30 days old, one must back it up first using something like SMS Backup & Restore.

I did back up all my texts. Thought I should before I did anything. Yes,. I did set anywhere as my default. It is wierd that Messages (the Google app) reads them all but anywhere does not. Thanks again for all your help!

Once it is your default, the go ahead to Settings and select Apps, and then Anywhere and select Storage and then “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage” Ignore the scary message that comes up and go ahead with it.

Hello! Thank you again for your help. I tried what you mention above, but it just restarted the same behavior as i posted originally. It loaded messages for the past 2-3 days, and then continues loading a few more each time I swipe to close and reopen. Never goes past the original stopping point mentioned above. I still have the full history in Messages, so I am just going to keep using that and avoid the hassle. Thanks everyone!!!

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