OMADM Error after switching SIM cards

What phone do you have? Galaxy A10e

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data

Issue Description

We recently returned from a vacation. Prior to the vacation I switched the sim card in my phone to CDMA (keeping my wife’s GSM) to give ourselves the best chance of having cellular service along the way. With a recent update, now my phone constantly has an error OMADM checking device status… and seems to have other odd issues from time to time (not recognizing the SIM card or saying that it cannot find cellular networks, etc). I tried to switch the card back but I couldn’t get the phone to recognize it, saying that the sim is in the wrong slot. I made sure my republic app was up to date and updated the PRL and profile as well. Not sure what else to try or what I can communicate to narrow down the problem. Thanks in advance.

Hi @andrewg.23wu3c The latest OS update by Samsung caused some issues with the A10e reading CDMA SIM cards. The fix is to make sure that the Republic App is fully updated (which you indicate you have) and to make sure that the Carrier Services App (by Google) is installed and fully updated on the device.

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Thanks for the response @louisdi. I installed the referenced Google app but no luck as of yet. Any other suggestions?

I’m not a Samsung user, but isn’t OMADM an app? If so, can you force stop it and/or clear the app cache?

To which SIM are you referring, the CDMA SIM or the presumably GSM SIM that was previously replaced?

If the GSM SIM and it’s been less than 20 days since it was replaced, it needs to be activated as described by Republic here: I understand the article references replacing a phone but activating a replacement SIM is exactly the same process. If it’s been more than 20 days, you would need a new GSM SIM.

If you are referring to the CDMA SIM, I suggest trying the steps here:

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