Omaha Cell Coverage


Just a heads up for anyone considering a GSM RW phone in the Omaha NE area. Don’t do it. Cell coverage is virtually non-existent. I had to return a MOTO Z Play and return to my old MOTO X.


Your not the only one living in that area that has said that.


I think any time that the map looks like the underlying carrier map for Omaha, it’s a bad idea.


Agreed. I just got a new Moto G Play and it doesn’t work in 99% of the places in Omaha I have been, including my own neighborhood. :frowning:


fredz.j2t4r5 wrote:

I just got a new Moto G Play

Hopefully the RW 3.0 CDMA service/SIM cards will be available to all and easily installed in BYOPs soon.

I purchased a G Play as a Christmas gift and was really impressed with the features/price. How do you like yous other than the lack of coverage?


Did not like the G Play. I was dumb and bought the $99 Amazon deal that came with all the bloat apps and adds. I love Samsung phones but the cheaper models for RW were out of stock. Just returned the phone this morning and cancelled my RW plan. RW has no customer service. I went an entire week with no service in Omaha. Unacceptable. Glad I kept my Boost Mobile phone, it is worth spending a little extra for the $30 unlimited data plan and they have people I can talk to.


There just isn’t decent GSM coverage in Omaha. What did you want Republic to do? Build a network?


Any updates on this?

Purchased a Nexus 6p when they came out on RW last year. Could not get any coverage at all in Omaha. Huge dead spots. My son’s phone which is on the RW 2.0 (sprint) network works great. I had to switch back to VZW .

Wish RW could open up the 2.0 network to the new line of phones ?!?!


3.0 CDMA on the Sprint network is still a work in progress. Some have raised doubts of it’s future availability to those who’ve previously purchased compatible phones from RW or BYOP phones.

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update


Hi @justinp.8chshh ,

We are offering newly purchased 3.0 phones with an alternate coverage option now. Were you able to return the Nexus 6P?


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