On a 2.0 plan, phone is getting old but I want to keep my plan


I’m on the 2.0 plan for Republic Wireless (Moto X 2nd Gen). I like the fact my phone uses the Sprint Network, and I really REALLY don’t want to touch the phones that use the more… evil aligned networks. (I don’t trust any company that lobbies against net neutrality).

Is there a way I can upgrade my phone and stay on the 2.0 plan, or am I going to have to tear it open and upgrade the components manually to have a better phone?


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Hi @joshuap.uyiks4

The issue is that all 2.0 compatible phones have modified ROM’s from the manufacturer in order to operate on RW’s service. 3.0 phones are all unlocked North American models and RW does not modify the ROM.

It is possible to upgrade to a new phone and stay on CDMA(sprint), but it would require moving to a 3.0 plan.



I was under the impression the 3.0 plans run on the T-Mobile, and they’re not good on Net-Neutrality, so I’d rather not have my republic-minutes routing through them. Did that change,?

If I start soldering in new parts, are there any components that are vital for the sim/firmware combo that I should avoid removing & replacing?



Republic has service both on Sprint and the GSM partner with 3.0 plans. No amount of soldering or hacking is going to get you what you want. Perhaps you should consider Google Fi?



Phones sold by RW come with the SIM included, and if capable (some phones are GSM only) can be on either GSM or CDMA. RW has checks and balances to determine which carrier should work best for you in your area. If your sent a GSM version, you can request being moved to CDMA through a Support Ticket.

All BYOD phones are currently being activated on GSM until RW can work through some issues with Sprints move to a different type of SIM, at least that is my understanding.

Hope that helps.



The reason that BYOP phones are being activated on the GSM partner has nothing to do with the iSIM transition. It’s simply that Republic has to “pre-warm” phones to the CDMA SIM. If the phone hasn’t been activated with Republic previously, they don’t have the data in their systems to do this pre-warming. So, all BYOP phones must be activated on GSM and then, if the phone is compatible and the customer wants to move to CDMA, Republic can pre-warm a CDMA SIM in their system, using the information that the GSM activation provided.



The following phone for sale at republic may be assigned CDMA, or be refitted with CDMA If GSM SIM is issued [via a help ticket]
The Moto G5 Plus, Moto G4, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
The following phone are able to be put on CDMA after a BYOD SIM is activated [via a help ticket]
The Moto G4 play, Moto G4 plus, Moto X pure, Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL



Thanks for the explanation @louisdi, :wink:.

For some reason I thought it was due to the transition to the iSIM.



I suspect you’re thinking of the fact that all CDMA capable models released beginning with the E4 can only be activated as GSM phones (even if purchased through Republic) for the time being. This did not affect the ability of Republic to set up CDMA-capable phones released before that to activate on the CDMA network, though. Nothing has changed there…



That’s a terrible idea anyway you look at it. The phone will pobably get broken. You have to remember that the software on your phone is a custom ROM and is designed specifically for that phone’s hardware (as is the Android build by Motorola). It you don’t physically ruin it, it’s likely that it will have software issues. If somehow you are able to get it working, I can see if being very unstable.



Thanks all, knowing I can avoid T-Mobile and Verizon while upgrading plans is good to know, and that will likely be my course of action if I can decide on a phone I like.


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Don’t get the Moto X Pure. It’s been making me wish I had just stuck with my old slow Moto X since I got it. It crashes regularly.



I’m sorry to hear that you had this issue. We had 2 Moto X Pures in the family for over a year and widely believed that they were some of the best phones we ever owned.



I would agree with @louisdi, @rickh.ij0zlu.

Have you tried any troubleshooting efforts?. I have had the original Moto X, 2nd Gen. and now the Pure for about 2 years. Love this phone…(Battery life has to be managed more than I would like, but it’s fine with some tweaking).



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