On Participating in Anywhere Beta (Topic spit from previous one)


I have it on my phone, desktop PC and notebook. It works very well for me and I like it very much. I am enrolled in the beta version and like the calling feature too. These are the changes I’d like to see:

  1. Add the delete feature.
  2. Alphabetize the left hand window.
  3. Improve the echo suppression for calls placed from PC. Skype has no echo issues, Anywhere does… same hardware.

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Anywhere call notification

Good morning bilge,

RHIP, THIP, timing or luck of the draw to be included?



English please.


Rank has it’s’ privileges. Tossed in THIP to denote billg’s length of forum service.

I’m just envious because of not being selected to participate in the RWA beta. after volunteering.



Same question here, @PlaneTherapist.

Can anybody tell us how we can volunteer to beta test new products and services?


Those in the beta are those that volunteered back before the original release. No additional testers have been added since then. When Republic has opportunities, the post about them in the community.


I don’t know. I just hope ;my contributions have helped make this an even better product.


I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I don’t know where else to put it, I believe that I am in the Beta group. I still have a copy of the email from last March saying I was selected. When I look in the Play Store under the Beta column, Republic Anywhere is listed. I have Anywhere installed on my phone, computer and tablet.

I don’t, however, seem to have any new features such as voice calling from the app. Also when I try to go to the Anywhere Beta group, I get a page that says “access denied”

So, am I in the anywhere Beta group or not. If I am, am I getting the Beta updates? Am I doing something wrong in how I try to access the discussion?


Thanks, @louisdi!! I’m new so I’m just getting familiar with how Republic does things. I’ll keep checking back for opportunities to make RW better! :slight_smile:


Did you sign the form saying that you understand the limitation of 911 services on Anywhere?


I believe so. I know that I got Anywhere access before my wife did, so it seems that I was enrolled. My version is 1.4.24, hers is 1.2.4. Hers is not listed under “Beta” in her Play Store


Hi @royrose,
For me to get the beta version I had to delete the version I had and then reinstall the Beta version. I had a little help from the cool calm @billg. He pulled my fix right out of mid air.
This was the link to the beta download Bill hooked me up with, it probably still works but you may need to update it manually.

edit: Yup it still works!

Moderator’s note: Anywhere Beta link has been removed as it will not work for those who are not participants and may cause issues if installed on non-Beta accounts.


Thanks, I was able to install it but the calling feature doesn’t work. When I try it I get a message “unable to call right now”.

So my main question is whether there is a forum section for Anywhere Beta discussion that I can have access to to get help troubleshooting and report my experience?


Hi @royrose

In Discourse’s “Categories” do you see Beta Labs?.


Hi @royrose,

Your line is not part of the Beta group, which is why installing the Beta software will not work for you.


If I recall correctly, there are/were two beta phases. Phase one began when Anywhere (messaging only at the time) was first released to beta.

For phase two, phase one beta testers were asked to confirm ongoing interest and sign off on possible 911 glitches just prior to calling being released for beta testing. Perhaps, this is where you and the beta became separated?

Anywhere call notification

OK, maybe I missed phase 2, not that big of a deal.