One day - broke phone

Hi - I opened my box for my samsung edge 7 and dropped it before I got a case on it. I can’t see how to replace it.

Hi @kayspitz!

A couple questions for you. First, did you purchase this phone brand new? If so, did you buy it with a credit card? If yes to both of those, which credit card did you use (name of the card)?



Yes and yes. Visa

Could I have the exact type of Visa card (i.e. Wells Fargo Cashwise Visa). Additionally, where did you buy the S7 from?

Call your credit company, or check their web site, and ask if your card includes accidental damage protection.

We bought phone from republic wireless. Capitol One Visa

Poke around in your Capital One Visa account. It took a while but I managed to find my protection in my Chase Visa account.

Look at this. Scroll down to Purchase Security in the left-hand column.

It won’t cover the purchase price for your model but it should cover the repair charge.

Ok. Is it the Capitol One Visa signature card? If so, looks like you may be covered up to $500. It’s called “Puchase Security”. You will need to call the benefit administrator to confirm if you indeed qualify and start a claim. You can view the document that has the benefits as well as the phone number for the benefit administrator here: (scoll down and click the “View complete benefits guide here.” )


Hi @kayspitz,

I’m very sorry to read that your phone was broken so quickly. I know that’s a sickening feeling, as I’ve done something similar in the past.

Just for clarity in this thread, for you and for others who may be reading along, Republic Wireless does not currently offer any sort of accidental damage coverage, and accidental damage is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The members here in Community trying to help you are suggesting that the credit card you used to purchase the phone may offer some additional protection that could help you get the phone fixed or replaced. You’ll need to study your credit card’s cardholder agreement, or call their customer service number, to see what they might be able to do for you.

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Thanks for all of your help. I’m calling tomorrow!


Good luck, let us know how it works out for you. Fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:

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