One incoming call goes to directly to voicemessage

What phone do you have? Moto G5s

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB

Issue Description

I have one incoming call - which is part of a two step verification process - that goes directly to voicemail. This only starting happening at the beginning of last week 11/2/2020.

.I have tried restarting my home, checked my block number list, check my phones setting for direct to voicemail.

I have done online research. My service is via Republic and found a customer had the same issue in 2008, but this person had the contact in the phone. By deleting the contact, powering off and then powering on and then reading the contact, seemed to work. But I don’t have this number in as a contact.

One thing, this number is being forwarded from my work phone. Also, I have been able to receive other two step verification numbers to my cell phone and have it ring.

  • Let me summarize my understanding of the problem
    • You utilize your Work phone number for 2 step verification
      • This number is forwarded to your Moto G5S, by the work phone system, and no entry of this number is in your RW contact list
  • As this failure didn’t start until 11/2/2020, I would suggest the following
    • Check with your work IT/Phone folks to see any changes were made at that time.
    • Check to see if any 3rd party apps were added or updated at the time
      • This can be seen by accessing the Google Play App / :menu: Menu /My apps & games / Installed then sort by Last updated

While it seems unlikely, you haven’t enabled Google caller ID & spam protection and/or marked the number as spam, correct?

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