One of my two chargers that I got with the phone stopped working

I have a Nexus. I got a short cord charger, (one side is USB). And a long cord charger with the phone. I kept one at home and one in the office for charging when I needed it. Last week the long corded charger I kept at home did nothing when I plugged the phone in. I looked for dust or a bad/loose connection but saw nothing. I hoped when I got to work, that charger would work. It did, thank goodness. I’m wondering if this is normal or if it’s defective. Right now, my phone has to be 6 inches from the wall and I have no backup.

Hi @kellyb.qg476h!

So your saying that the short cord one works, but the long oen doesn’t ? First, if you have another cord lying arround, I would check to see if it works. If the charging port had broken, it wouldn’t have charged at all. Thus, it sounds like the long one just died (which does happen every once in a while). I would order another long one. It probably isn’t too expensive.


On the off chance that they might want to make good on the early life demise of your charger, you may want to check out

Cord just dies?? I assumed these were like an extension cord. Plug it in and it connects devices to power? Not being it’s own power source that dies…

Yes cords can fail, the wires inside are small and each bend can do damage [this is worst at the ends ] there’s also the connectors that can fail [this usually shows up as a loose connection]


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