One of our two identical phones cannot connect calls


We have two phones which seem to be identical. Samsung J3 6. One phone seems to work well. The other doesn’t. You can dial out on it, but when the other party answers there is no sound on the phone from which the call has been placed.

We have been with you since you started, but this is a deal breaker. Can you help?

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Check if the phone with the issue is paired to a bluetooth device. The audio could be
getting routed to the bluetooth device. When a phone is connected to a bluetooth device
it will show the bluetooth icon in the top right status bar.

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There appears to be two Samsung J3’s 2017 & 2018 and two OS’s 8.0 & 8.1 … this may be a difference you could check?

  • Also, as this is a user forum, and your fellow users will try to help you out, none of us can take any actions regarding service or warranty. For that you would best try Opening a Ticket with Republic Help


Have you tried to retrace your steps and see if anything was changed? I agree with Amiti that you may be paired with a bluetooth device (its a start).
We assume the phone in question was working, and ‘poof’, something changed. All you can do is either trace your steps, or open up a ticket.
Volume set?
Worse case scenario is if nothing is on phone, reset.

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Republic has supported 3 different Samsung Galaxy J3s
The 2016 model SM-J320A* with Android 7.1.1
The 2017 model SM-J327U with Android 8.0
The 2018 model SM-J337U with Android 8.1

* In 2016 the North American factory unlocked shared it’s model with the AT&T model so one needs to look up the build number from the supported phones page to make sure one has the North American factory unlocked model.



Hi @robert.schrag,

It has been about a week since we last heard from you, and there are several helpful suggestions here from the Community. Have you been able to get calling to work on the one phone that wouldn’t?



Actually no. And now my other phone has taken to instantly ending calls that I place. Seems random, whether on WiFi or outside of WiFi networks. We really can’t continue with a service that seems unreliable so, sadly, we will move on.

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Either our Community or our help staff would be glad to troubleshoot with you. Such issues often have a resolution.



Thank you southpaw. I’m sure there is a fix. But the issue is that these recent glitches occur without warning. I am moving into retirement and we simply cannot have a service that decides to quit when we need to talk to each other when we are at the store or the pharmacy - that is inconvenient. If a glitch should pop up when we are trying to reach doctors or family members who are home bound or otherwise dependent on being in touch with us - well that goes beyond inconvenient.

I have taught media and technology at State for 38 years, and we signed up with Republic when it first started up over on Centennial. It has been a good ride and I wish you every success, but we really can’t have to make ongoing adjustments to the phones to duplicate preexisting basic features and services.



Sorry to hear the issues that you’ve been having with your phones. If you’ve reached the end of line and ready to move on then I wish you well, otherwise you may try to submit a help ticket. Some of the random issues can take a little longer to debug.

The basic cell service is no different that any other carrier. RW is augmenting that experience with hybrid calling to route calls over WiFi when appropriate. When the WiFi and/or Cellular signal is poor, that’s when most of these flaky things happen. If you give RW support an opportunity to debug your use case you will be surprised at the lengths they go to fix issues.


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