One phone says no SIM card

I just ordered two new phones for my kids for Christmas. The cards are also already installed. One works and activated just fine. The other says there is no Sim card. I have taken it out and put it in again. Still tells me there is no card.

Have u connected the phone to wifi and run all the system updates?
There may be several that need installing.

Yes. All update were done. It connected to Google. Now it says there is no Sim card.

System (OS) updates are different from the Google app updates.
Have you gone into the phones settings and somewhere in there is the System Updates options, you may have to check a few times.

I don’t see in your post, where did u buy the phones from? Direct from RW, or from a 3rd party seller?

Direct from RW. I opened a help ticket this evening. I just need them to work by Christmas. They are Christmas gifts for my kids!!!

If you already opened a Help Ticket, then it is best to not continue trouble shooting via the Community. That can lead to great confusion getting multiple different things to try from 2 different sources. I suggest you stick to the Help ticket.

U maybe just need a new sim card…I am sure if that is the case, RW can send u one.

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