One plus 6 phone

one plus 6 phone is not listed in the bring my own phone list. Does Republic accept the one plus 6 phone. It has great reviews

Hi @krash,

Great reviews notwithstanding, the answer is no. Republic accepts only the phones listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. More on bring your own phone here: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.


I just spent some time with a buddys One Plus 6. It has a amazing looking screen and is screaming fast of a phone. The only bad thing is the built in speaker is very bad and the cameras are still sub par to the flagship Galaxy and Pixel phones. One Plus also was in the news not to long ago for some serious issues of privacy and data collection.

But the chinese Oxygen OS that One Plus uses is a modified version of AOSP Android and thus will most likely never be compatible with R.W. I still believe it is worth them at least looking into and seeing if it is possible for the future though.

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