One Specific Group Text Doesn't Work

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Issue Description

I have a constant group text with my friends that we use every week to schedule getting together. Last week, I only received half the messages, and now I don’t receive any message from that specific group message. In the meantime, I’ve been able to receive picture messages and group messages from other groups, but not that one group.

I use the Republic Anywhere app on my phone, computer, and tablet, but none of them received any texts from that group message since last week even though my friends have been sending me messages. I tried troubleshooting it by deleting the group message on my phone and re-syncing the messages with the server, but I have not been able to fix the problem yet. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @davidlucking,

The company we partner with for messaging is currently experiencing an outage, and we’ve seen some evidence it may have been building over the last week. The outage specifically impacts MMS - which includes group text messages as well as text messages with picture attachments - between RW and non-RW phones.

You can monitor the status of this outage here:

You might ask one trusted friend in the group if he can individually relay you important updates until this is resolved.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you or an instant solution.

Pinging @ambassadors for situational awareness


Good morning, @davidlucking,

If you have a way to test your group message without needlessly disturbing everyone, (maybe try messaging just 2 people?) please let us know if it’s working now. Our messaging partner has indicated a fix has been implemented, and we are looking for confirmation from affected members.

I had someone text the group, and the fix didn’t work. I wait an hour to make sure it wasn’t just late.

Hi @davidlucking,
We have confirmation that our partner’s outage is resolved, so your situation would seem to be separate from that. Thanks for your patience, though. It would have been difficult to troubleshoot during such an outage!

You are still getting group messages from other groups?

If you send to the group, do they receive your message?

If you look at your call and text records in the account portal, do you see any text messages there from members of the group that never made it to your phone? (Keep in mind that the records in the account portal are in UTC, so you have to do some math to figure out the time in your time zone.)

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I had the same problem starting 2-19-20. Two specific groups that I cannot send or receive group texts from. Prior to that there were no problems. I can send to groups with 8 or so members, just delayed somewhat and sometimes not received, but those seem to be sent and received. Unfortunately, the resolution posted yesterday did not solve my problems with MMS. I’ve done everything that the reps had suggested, I even reset Moto x4 phone to factory default. I am using stock android Messages app along with Messages for web.

I have the same issue and my mom does as well. One specific group text is not receiving.

Have you restarted your phone since the issue was resolved? If not, can you do that and try again?

restart about every hour and do the ##8647##

Hi @gpagpa,

I’m sorry to hear that the issue persists after the outage was resolved. And I’m troubled that you were advised to factory reset your phone. I’ll review your Help Ticket and see if I can do anything to nudge it in a more appropriate direction.

I can look to see if this was already covered in your ticket, but do you happen to know if any of the messages you are not receiving appear in your call and text records? How about the ones that do not send?

What happens when they fail to send? Is there an error in the messaging app, or does it appear to send, but never actually get delivered?

(I’m sorry if I’m duplicating questoins you’ve already covered in your ticket.)

I would suggest deleting the existing thread and starting a new one as the likely least destructive next step.

If he factory reset the phone, all his text messages were already deleted.

True, but I wasn’t clear that a factory reset was actually completed.

Southpaw, I was not advised to do a factory reset, I made that decision on my own after 2 days of back and forth. My messages for the most part were backed up by Google, I assume, since I was expecting to have an empty messages, but there were messages from a couple weeks back, not previous days messages, but that was not a concern, I just wanted to get this to work. The call/text log is hard to decipher, if I sent a group text to 14 people, there is only one number listed. When I am part of that group and people were responding to the group, I get nothing. When I send to that particular group, it shows as sent with a time, but never gets to the group so there is not an error message.

You have no examples in the call log of messages from your group participants at dates and times when no such messages appears on your phone?

I’m betting not. This would suggest the messages are never reaching our server, and nothing you do to the phone is going to solve it. We need our messaging partner to revisit the outage and look for a persistent issue that has not yet been resolved.

I just sent a group text to 13 recipients and only one number is listed on the text history, but they did not get the text. (4:38pm EST) 9:38 UTC)

I know this is a pain of a request, but can you try sending a message to less than 10 people?

I’ve done this successfully to 8 people today. It did go through but some people received text 15 minutes later than sent. I know that there “may” be a soft limit of 10, but that wasn’t a problem prior to 2-19-20.

Thanks @gpagpa,

The very specific example is very helpful. I’ve submitted it to our messaging partner to alert them that there is still an issue that needs their attention.

Thanks Southpaw for your additional help in this matter. I had my hopes up when I saw the broadcast outage problem with the MMS on 2-20-20 around 5:47pm, but unfortunately I was not included in the fix. My SMS is going through with no problems and am able to send and receive pictures via mms text.

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