One time additional data purchase



I have a .5 gig refund plan. If I buy additional data and don’t use all of it in the billing cycle will the cost of the unused data be refunded?


Hi @williamw.gxi7xd!

Yes, it will. At the end of your billing cycle, you will be refunded for all of the unused data. The following comes from the Republic 2.0 FAQs:

"One time cellular data purchases:

Available in .5 GB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 3 GB buckets.
Take effect immediately.
Cannot be used after your next bill cycle date.
Can only be purchased by an account owner.
Are eligible for our Republic Refund™ program.
You’ll need to have access to a data connection, either a cell or WiFi network, when adding one time cell data purchases, even if you’ve run out of cell data."

I hope that helps!





No problem!


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