One Time Data Purchase Feature - 30 Days vs Billing Cycle Date

I am using a Google Pixel 4XL (my issue doesn’t relate to any specific phone) and I am on the BYOP unlimited $15/mo only talk and text/no data plan. My family is going to be taking a trip and I wanted to purchase data so I could use data for maps and driving (Android Auto). I went to purchase the data and my billing cycle only has 6 days left so I would have to pay the full price for 6 days which I do not find reasonable. I don’t know if it would be possible but I would love to be able to purchase data at any time and it will last for 30 days versus only being able to use it until your billing cycle ends. There are some flaws in the current system as I have just learned. I don’t mind paying the $5 for the data but I would like it to at least be worth it and for it to last more than 6 days so I don’t have to plan my vacations around my phone plan billing cycle. Maybe Republic Wireless can look into this and see if they can add data for 30 days from the purchase date and not the billing cycle? Why should someone have to pay the full price and receive one week’s worth of data? I believe it would help others out too who don’t use much data but may need it for a special occasion such as our family trip. I don’t know the logistics of how this works but I don’t think it should be too hard for a program to be created so that if someone purchases a one-time data on their plan, they are billed for 30 days from the purchase date. If someone is going to pay the $5 you should be given the full 30 days for what the $5 is good for, not until your billing runs out.


Yours is a rather frequent request. May I suggest in the meantime that you try downloading area maps and using Google maps and navigation offline?

Hi @stevens.p5vwi7,

I’m not a Republic employees (most folks here are fellow customers like you and me), however, the candid answer as I see it is what you propose couldn’t be done at the current $5 per GB price point. The $5 per GB price is predicated on some percentage of folks not using all of their cell data (and in that sense $5 isn’t really full price).

What you’re suggesting is pay as you go data. From a programming standpoint, no doubt Republic could account for it. In fact, Republic did with its previous refund plan structure. With that plan, one was refunded for any cell data not used during a billing cycle but the up front price per GB was $15 rather than $5.


cbwahistrom - That is my plan. I have already downloaded the maps and planed out my directions. Thanks for the info and link. Hopefully it will help others too.

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