One-time data purchase issue 12/14/21-12/17/21

Are there any updates as to when the issue will be resolved? I’ve called in 2x now to customer service to only be told “they are working on it”. Being down a couple hours I could understand, but it’s been 30+ hours now for us and its extremely frustrating to not have any projections on when service will be restored. We’ve been loyal Republic customers for many years but this big of an issue at go live is giving me serious concerns for the reliability of the company going forward post DISH acquisition. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

We are having the same issue, it’s been 30+ hours for us and the lack of communication/resolution is unacceptable. Very frustrated to have an issue of this magnitude out of the gate with DISH after so many years of great service with Republic. Also considering moving if this is not resolved shortly.

Unfortunately there isn’t any more information than what you’ve been told and what is shown at

And I agree, it is extremely frustrating and rapidly approaching absurd.

Hi @carriej,

This issue is a top priority commanding a lot of attention by our engineers. If we do not have a solution in place in the morning, I will look into what I may be able to do on your line to workaround the issue. Please remind me in the morning if you’re still without data.

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Hi @southpaw,

Same issue here and still not resolved. I was told to message someone on FB and I did…no response after 12 hours. Submitted a help ticket. I need a work around. I can’t be without data. I hate being “that person” but I’ve been on the fence about moving to T Mobile (same price as what I’m paying with you all + perks like Netflix) and this may be what pushes me over the edge.


Well, it’s morning and still no data. Do we have any reasonable update on the progress of fixing the problem?

There unfortunately continues to be no update beyond what is posted here: I’m not clear how Republic believes that updates once ever 24 hours, or less, is acceptable given the severity of this situation, but :man_shrugging:


Hi Southpaw, This issue began just before I came home to wifi last night. I am now heading back to work for the day with no access to data. If this is not fixed shortly, I just want to thank you for your support over the years.

Still no data this morning, over 48hrs now. Is there a workaround? Can you switch us over to one of the new plans or something? Really need this resolved asap. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @jenniferl.vsq5t0,

I’m sorry you did not receive a reply from our Social Media team. I’m not seeing your message in our system, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I have added 1 GB of data to your service line. Please let me know if it is working.

Hi @cb1,

I apologize for the technical issue. I have added 1 GB of data to your service line. Please let me know if it is working.

Hi @carriej,

I’m sorry this issue had such an impact on your ability to use your phone. I’ve added 1GB of data to your service line at no charge. Please DM me (click my username and click “message” if I did not add it to the right service line. It was unclear from the phone agent’s notes which phone you needed data on.

We’re not able to simply switch people over to new plans. If it’s something you’re considering, you’d need to order the plan as the SIM card you have now cannot be used on the new plans.

Is anyone having luck with the manual adds to the line? I had an agent in response to my ticket say they were manually adding a gig to my line and it did not work. When I sent a follow-up email I was basically told by another agent that it wouldn’t be able to add until the issue is fixed. Are you able to manually add gigs so they show up? I could also really use data right now.

Thank you,

Hi @kevina.rg60jj,

The issue with one-time data purchases has been resolved and I’ve added 1 GB of data to your service line.

For others who may not have been able to add data during this system issue, the issue is now resolved and data can be purchased through the app.

Thank you very much!

Does this also mean my data should reset next month like normal?

Thank you! I got the 1g and hoped that meant the system was working again but it sounds like you just worked some magic on your end. THANK YOU! I’m still getting an error that my order to upgrade to 3g/month is pending but I’m assuming that will clear when the data issue is fixed?

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I have been struggling with this problem since Monday night. It was extremely disruptive because I was traveling out of state, overnight, and relying on the data for navigation. I wound up stuck hundreds of miles from home at 3am on a cold night. I opened a help ticket that I’m informed has been attached to the larger issue.

However, this ticket is unresolved and the two (redundant) requests for data increase due to this issue are still pending and unresolved. I have not received any update through the ticketing system about resolution.

I hope that if I now try to add data (since you have told us this is again operational) it will go through. However, I’m concerned about being charged for +3gb (the two pending requests plus the new request that you have said will now work again) when all I need or want is +1gb.

What’s your recommendation for the data/ordering issue and is there a way Republic can make this right for me?

Thanks in advance.

@southpaw we have 3 lines currently without data because our monthly renewal fell during the downtime. I need these lines to have data as soon as possible. Can you please get in touch with me to figure a work around with adding data on your end? Thanks!

Hi @kevina.rg60jj, we expect to have this data reset issue resolved before your next billing cycle.