One year of Free Unlimited Data, talk and text at Sprint


Do you guys know if I can transfer my republic wireless phone number without a bump? I’m thinking of buying a Moto G5 plus and activate with sprint, transfer the number and then after one year if they don’t give me free service, I can then take the same phone and activate with RW. Will this work?

How do I get/find an "eligible" phone for Sprint's year of Free Unlimited Data plan

Hi @markc.4rfc2w

All RW 3.0 phones are factory unlocked North American versions. As long as your phone is not hampered with by Sprint, it should work.

XT168 (64GB version)

More information would result in greater perspectives, and/or opinions.


What about transferring the number over to Sprint?


Probably, but the last I checked, Sprint required a two year contract (with early termination penalties) for this deal. Of course, things may have changed. Read the fine print carefully.


check it out there is no contract required.


No need here. Sprint doesn’t work well enough for me.


I think you left out a digit: Moto G5+ model number is XT1687

Several Tech sites are saying: “Current postpaid subscribers at Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are eligible for the deal” I don’t see that condition on the Sprint site, so I don’t know if it is accurate.

If you give it a try, let us know how it goes.


Hi @markc.4rfc2w,

The fine print on their offer says, “Limited Time Offer. Credit approval req. Req. AutoPay, eBill, and port-in from postpaid carrier.”

Our service is pre-paid. I don’t believe porting from RW would qualify you for the deal.


Sure it would; Port in from post paid is not a condition. Worst case you may not be able to port the number and that should have nothing to do with the deal.


Except that Sprint says it does: ““Limited Time Offer. Credit approval req. Req. AutoPay, eBill, and port-in from postpaid carrier.””

As shown right on their offer page.


We are hoping to take advantage of this Sprint promo, too. Currently on RW w/2 Moto X Gen 1. Planning to purchase 2 Moto G5 Plus (on the BYOD promo list) to take to Sprint 1 yr free promo & port our numbers there. Sprint chat could not confirm that we were eligible coming from RW. She said we would need to go to the special promo site to verify the device ID & our phone numbers. Since we don’t have the G5 Plus yet, & really hadn’t planned on buying those unless we were actually going to go on the Sprint promo plan, don’t have any ID #s to verify. Not sure there is any way to do that w/out purchasing the G5 Plus. I guess we could try to return the phones from wherever we purchase them from if it turns out we are not eligible for the promo, but would rather not get into that. We did verify on the Sprint Bring Your Number website that our numbers would be eligible to port to Sprint, at least, so seems we are just needing to know if the switch from RW would be eligible for the promo.

@markc.4rfc2w , were you able to find out if your switch from RW was eligible for the Sprint promo plan & if so, able to port your numbers to Sprint w/out any difficulty? Would appreciate any feedback you have.


While one local store doesn’t mean that this is the way all stores, my local Sprint store confirmed the promotion only applies to those coming from T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon proper (as is clearly stated in the terms and conditions). They are not accepting any MVNOs or any pre-paid.


It’s interesting that they don’t want to just attract new customers but, rather, only attract customers from the big three.

Anyone considering this might want to watch this:


Generally, it is the opinion of the cellular industry that postpaid customers are more profitable than prepaid customers. Prepaid customers are considered bargain hunters or worse. Bargain hunters are more likely to move on after the promotion is up. Sprint wants new customers more likely to stick around and be eventually profitable.


That’s a good point.


Just an update for anyone interested in the Sprint plan… We were indeed able to take advantage of the Sprint Unlimited 1 yr Free BYOD plan. Despite many horror stories on other forums about jumping thru various hoops, being overcharged for items you didn’t order, & on hold for hours, ours was a very quick & easy process. We ordered Sprint SIMs & purchased 2 unlocked Moto G5 Plus phones & ported our numbers from RW to Sprint. Did hubby’s phone 1st in case any problems arose, then mine the next day. After we activated our Sprint SIMs & checked the Sprint porting status online, both times the status showed “Number transfer has been canceled”, which required a phone call. Thankfully, found the direct line to Sprint porting dept & they completed the port within minutes. Hubby’s text messaging didn’t finalize until early the next morning so had to carry 2 phones during night shift, but all my stuff ported within a few minutes.

As some might point out, the Sprint plan is not technically free since you are responsible for taxes, adm fee, etc but our new bill is now <$7 for 2 phones w/unlimited everything. This will expire Oct 2018 at which time we will need to re-evaluate our options but surprisingly there is no commitment to Sprint after the expiration. Who knows, after our free year is up, or if we find that Sprint service is not up to par for us (unlikely since our RW plan ran on Sprint), we may be back at RW.


This is exactly my experience as well. I must also applaud RW for their integrity. They did not hassle in porting numbers over and RW has also issued partial credit. I mean which phone company does that in this day and age? RW has always been very honest with the billing. Never had any issue. If things won’t work out, I will be back to RW without even blinking. RW has a very high integrity.


I was wondering how the porting how works if there are two lines on the same account. If the primary line is ported first, what happens to the second line? Does the account remain open?


Porting or Transferring a number is on a phone by phone basis.
Here is all the how-to info


Simple answer, yes. Moving one line does nothing to any of the other lines.