OnePlus 6T - Excellent time for BYOP

Now that the OnePlus 6T has been officially announced it seems it would be a great time to add it to the BYOP program. Others in the forum have asked about OnePlus products, but previously the brand was mostly focused outside the US. Now OnePlus is making a real push to become a competitor in the US. T-Mobile has them as an exclusive at first and then they are expanding to others. The OnePlus focus on quality, cost savings, and software updates seems to be a good fit with Republic’s game plan.

I submitted this phone on the BYOP surveymonkey poll but thought it would also be worth mention here for the community now that the official launch happened on Oct. 29th.

Our family has been with Republic since 2013, and the experience has been great. We have benefited quite a lot from the low cost service. To keep costs down we have taken good care of the Moto X1 phones, but tech advances. And older phones slow down. So we are at the point where we need to upgrade.


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