OnePlus 6T is now supported for BYOP

Woohoo!! That is awesome news!!


Woot woot! Just when you think you guys cannot get any better you total out due yourself and bring the device that we have been wanting!

I need to upgrade within the next year so this is a huge welcome.


This is GREAT news! I will probably be getting one soon. But I will probably hold off a little in case you also will be supporting the 7 pro in the not too distant future. lol Does anyone know if all the 6T models on the oneplus website are A6013?


All the ones available directly from OnePlus on their US website are the correct version.


My 6t is on the way from the oneplus site. Can I move my sim from my z play or will I need a new one?

If it is the original Z Play you can move your SIM card. Just be sure to install and open the Republic App on the new phone in order to complete the transition.

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thanks so much. It is the original.

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Cool move. Love the addition of a oneplus phone. RW could use the variation. Although way out of my usefulness range. I wouldn’t mind playing around with one of these with a broken screen or something to refurbish. I’m on a g7 right now. I’m eagerly waiting to see how the g8 comes out. Its fun to play with the mid range phones. Parts are cheap. The 6t’s screen costs like 120 in comparison. Just a bunch of random thoughts.

Now that there is a oneplus phone supported does that mean that RW may support the newer models of the oneplus line? I am curious about the 7T and if that would be coming to RW.

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Hi @josephi.xjjdpw,

We typically avoid speculating on future support. I know that’s not much help when you’re wanting to plan or watch for specials, and I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer.

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No I totally understand that. I was just curious if there was anything public yet about more support pass the 6T.

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How has your experience with the 6T been? I would like to try it but am waiting to see if Republic will support more OnePlus models or if it will be oneoff like Huawei, Alcatel and LG.

I think the big difference between the OnePlus and those phones is that those phone are essentially phones abandoned by the manufacturers. The OnePlus 6T remains fully supported by OnePlus and will continue to receive updates and support from OnePlus whether or not Republic ever adds another OnePlus phone to the supported phone list.

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That is a good point. But I would still like to see if newer models will be coming to Republic since the 6T is a year old.

Overall it has been good. I came from MOTO land so I do miss the notifications on screen and a couple other tweaks like tap anywhere to take a picture. But the biggest issue I am potentially seeing is the call quality due to the missing 3.5mm jack for my headset (dongle supplies way too much static and bluetooth quality is poor for the other end of the call) and the issue of cut outs on my end. At the moment I make very few calls so it is hard to make a final judgement on whether it is the phone, the service with this phone or the service but I did not have any issues with the motos I had been using. If MOTO ever decides to compete out side of the mid range again I might go back.

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I’ve been Moto myself for awhile. I’ve done the mid and budget phones on them. Currently on a g7 play which is…ok. not great but fine when you consider the price. Was looking at picking up one of these on recommendation from a friend as my screen recently cracked.

Sorta kinda in the market for new phones for my wife and me (Moto G5S+). I like the performance/price ratio of the 6T HOWEVER it appears that only the T-Mobile version is on sale at OnePlus direct. There are unlocked versions on the market at other suppliers but the prices are higher.

Any chance of Republic or OnePlus stocking the unlocked version? I am told that a T-Mobile version can be bought and then unlocked but I prefer not to deal with that.

The unlocked T-Mobile version won’t work with Republic. It has to be the North American, factory unlocked version (i.e. non T-Mobile version).


I chatted with the OnePlus customer service and asked for the OnePlus 6T T-Mobile vesrion model number. I was told that it is A6013, which is the same model as the one listed here as a BYOP. However, there is a post her, I think by “Ambassador”, saying that although the T-Moble version has an option to unlock the phone, it still won’t work with RW. It has to be factory unlocked for North America.

Bottom line, I am confused, same model number but won’t work?

Hi @Green7,

I agree that it is extremely confusing that OnePlus has decided to offer a T-Mobile-only version of the 6T with the same model number as the global version. This question was also raised in another topic, and I answered here, after several E-mail exchanges with their support team.

We do not support carrier-branded versions of any phone.

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