OnePlus 7T is now supported for BYOP

The OnePlus 7T is now supported for BYOP. :tada:

This means that although we do not offer this phone in our online store, it can be brought to our service with the purchase of a Republic Wireless BYOP SIM card.

While this phone is a dual-SIM phone, at this time we do not fully support dual-SIM functionality. The Republic Wireless app will prompt users to install the Republic Wireless SIM card only in SIM slot number one, and to remove any non-Republic SIM card that is installed.

:sparkle: Special thanks to Community member @seniorgeek for his BETA participation as an Early Adopter, putting the OnePlus 7T through BETA testing prior to our official support of this phone.

*Please note that our BYOP SIM card offers coverage with only our GSM carrier-partner. If you’re not sure about coverage in your area, please ask in our Community and we’ll be glad to help. The OnePlus 7T cannot be moved to our CDMA coverage partner.

We support only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone. We are not able to support carrier-specific models. Please make certain any phone you are considering for BYOP is supported by installing the Republic Wireless app to check for compatibility, or consulting our Community guidance at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone .


This confirms my faith in Republic Wireless that they listen to their members and they truly want to accommodate their needs. I want to thank all at RW who supported my participation in the Beta Program, especially some unknown engineer (SUE) @PeteM. :grin:


It is a pleasure to be of assistance especially in times like these.


Awesome! One Plus has some intriguing phones and I’m happy to see RW supporting the brand as a BYOP offering. Nice to have choices and I’ll definitely consider One Plus for my next smartphone. Thank you RW!


FYI The 7t isn’t currently showing on the supported list of OnePlus phones.

Hi @tamu_bu,

You are correct that Republic’s marketing website is not yet updated to reflect Republic’s support of OnePlus’ 7T. The OnePlus 7T has, however, been added to Republic’s list of supported phones published here:

I’m confident Republic will get the marketing website updated as soon as possible. Given recent extraordinary circumstances, I think it’s fair to say we are all a bit distracted these days.


Hi @tamu_bu,

The marketing team is awaiting some assets from our contacts at OnePlus so they can build the page. When you’re using another company’s logos and images, you have to do so to their standards, so the marketing page takes some time and collaboration to develop correctly.
We had a choice once BYOP support was ready:

  1. Announce here in Community and update our Help Center as soon as possible, letting the main website be updated later
  2. Hold off the announcement and make all our potential 7T users wait until the main website could be updated.

We opted to make the BYOP option available to the members as soon as possible, with the website update to follow once the page can be developed.


Is the OnePlus 7T Pro also supported?

Hi @natec and welcome to the community. It is not, only the regular 7T is supported.

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