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Hi @davidt.n686g8 and welcome to the Member Community. A little difficult to tell what your question is based on the brief post. I’ll take a guess and point you to an article that has a list of BYOP phones –

The OnePlus 6T (A6013) and OnePlus 7T (HD1905) are listed. Please come back with additional questions or details if this doesn’t help :slight_smile:


I’m getting conflicting info on oneplus phones 7T model evidently hd 1905 is a 2 sim and hd 1907 is a single sim and T mobile is a different # yet very c

HD1905 is the unlocked version and HD1907 is T-Mobiles version this from chat on onepluse amazon info appears to be in err

Hi @davidt.n686g8,

You are correct, there are multiple variants of OnePlus models. Only, the variants mentioned in Republic’s documentation referenced by @freddyp are supported for use with Republic. Specifically, T-Mobile specific variants are not supported.


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