OnePlus locked phone purchase, will it work?

I just purchased a OnePlus 7t from the OnePlus website. After purchase I noticed it is TMobile version.

  1. do they ever get unlocked.phones on their website for sale?
    2). If not, will this work, if I get it unlocked by TMobile? And show do I go about doing that?
    3). Is there software difference between TMobile version and unlocked version?

Sorry. No. A carrier locked specific model is not compatible with Republic.
Network or SIM unlocked carrier variant phones are also not compatible with Republic.
According to the list of Compatible phones.
OnePlus 7T (HD1905)
is the correct model number for the compatible unlocked model.
I recommend returning that Tmobile version and purchase the Factory unlocked model.


Ok, thanks. This was a “T-Mobile version” directly from the OnePlus website. They said something about how they would send a bootloader code and something else, but quite frankly, that is all well beyond my phone knowledge. I wish to put in the sim card and be ready to use it.

I have cancelled that order and wait until they have an unlocked version in stock. I hope it will come back in stock soon.

Those using this phone, where did you purchase it from?

As far as I understand it, you can buy a carrier model and a Factory unlocked model from OnePlus website. Just as one can buy from Google Store the Verizon version and the Unlocked version of the Pixel phones.

Ok, thanks. It seems to be out of stock right now, so i get to wait. I’ve been using my kid’s old phone for 6 months waiting to decide on which phone for my next phone, I can wait a little longer, ha!

That’s to be expected, since due to the C19 thing, manufacturing especially in China has halted. There is a huge shortage of lots of tech things these days. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, office and teleworking tech…

I would not expect it back in stock anytime soon.

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