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We will be vacationing in Canada and since Republic does not have service there I am looking for a provider to give me service while there. I am not really concerned about data, since I will use “Here We Go” and its downloadable offline maps for navigation. I primarily want to be able to receive and make calls, mostly for emergency situations. Currently looking at OneSimCard and am wondering if anybody on this forum has any experience with it?

No experience with OSC, but just to be sure, you have one of the newer Republic phones, correct? (Not a Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2).

Likewise, I have no direct experience with OneSIMCard but (in theory) there’s no reason it wouldn’t work with a Republic 3.0 phone. iRoam is another potential option: Perhaps, this resource will prove helpful also:

@louisdi, I know from previous posts @fisher99 has a 3.0 phone, however, for others reading no matter the question, it always helps Community to best help you when we know which phone the question pertains to.

Thanks for the reply guys. Sorry, I did forget to mention that I have an unlocked Nexus 6P on the RW 3.0 plans.

I had also looked at “iRoam” but the reviews that I found were mixed. OneSimCard seemed to have better reviews, but I’m sure that one could have issues with either of them or have a great experience with either of them. Leaning towards OneSimCard at the moment.

Well, after further investigation I decided to go with iRoam. Ordered the card this morning. Hopefully it will work well for us, but time will tell.

I’ll be interested in the outcome. Any particular reason for opting for iRoam over OneSIMCard?

I’ll post a review after we return from our trip.

I mostly went with iRoam because of the purchase process. I started out to purchase the OneSimCard but found their pricing information on their website difficult to decipher and the purchasing process to be cumbersome. Part way through I opened a new tab to iRoam and while it isn’t as clear as it could be, it was far easier to figure out costs and place an order. Also turned out that per-minute costs are cheaper with iRoam.

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