Oops! Transfered a verizon number to RW, now lost my RW number

Help! I was transferring my verizon landline number to RW so I could ditch my landline, but the Verizon number became my RW number, so now people calling my RW number can’t get through. Help! Can I just combine them? Or ditch the verizon number?

Hi @laurav.brdtwi,

Each phone can have only one number. You’d have to decide whether you want the number you had on the Verizon account, or the Republic number you were using.

If the transfer completed within the last few days, our Help team can most likely restore your Republic number, but doing so will forfeit the Verizon number. It’s not possible to have both on one phone.

If you’d rather have the Republic number, open a help ticket and ask to have the number restored. Be sure to provide the phone number you want restored as well as the MEID for the phone you want it restored to. How to Find the Device ID (IMEI/MEID) – Republic Help

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Perfect! Thanks! I’ll do a help ticket. Thanks! Do you know if I could switch my sim for a t-mobile to port the number over to google voice? Would that be an option to keep my verizon number? Otherwise, I’ll just keep the RW number. Thanks again!

If you want to transfer the Verizon number out to another carrier in order to move it to Google Voice, you’ll want to ask the Help Team to make it so that you can transfer your number out without cancelling the line. Otherwise, when you transfer the Verizon number away, your RW service will be canceled.

Once the Verizon number has moved to a safe place, with the change the Help team can make to your account, a new RW number will be assigned to your account. That’s when you’d then want to ask for the old RW number to be restored.

@rolandh would be able to advise if you need any help getting your number safely to Google Voice.

Please let me know when you get that ticket opened. I’d like to keep an eye on it and make sure we don’t lose your old RW number while we wait for the Verizon number to land somewhere safe.

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Thanks, Southpaw! I have a help ticket open. It’s complicated, isn’t it?? Lol! I should have known it sounded too easy, and I was in over my head :slight_smile:

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It is, and sometimes it’s made harder by the fact that those of us who live and breathe this stuff each and every day forget that it is complicated to those who don’t.


You have been super helpful, thanks!! And you have been helpfully clear and concise in translating a complicated thing into something easier to understand. Thanks again.

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