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Hi - I’m Bill and I currently drive a Mazda6. The manual says it is compatible with phones that have an operating system 6 or 7. I am currently using an iphone 4 and it is compatible with my car’s bluetooth system. Can i continue to use the same phone or do I have to change?

as of right now iphones are not supported on RW, only android…
so yes, as of right now you will need to change…

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Hi @billr.ecli5i,

Thanks for bringing your question to our Community! Are you considering switching to Republic? If so, @theDoctor has the right answer, we don’t support iPhones, so you would have to change phones.

For what it’s worth, I have a Mazda 3 in the family and have not had any trouble at all connecting several Motorola phones to it. My daughter currently uses a Moto G5+ and is the primary driver for that car, and has had no problems with the Bluetooth interface.


Not intrested then - Thanks!

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