Opinions needed for purchase of plan/phone for family member


Very happy using my phone and plan through Republic. Recently came across a family scenaro being mulled over.

My father in law, who is a bit older is using a prepaid, non-smart phone set up [walmart blister pack phone] which actually works for his limited needs. He does not need a data plan [his words], he does not need a smartphone [again, his words] and is on a some what limited income.

His phone has been acting up and while scouring google, came across limited information on what his options could be. Republic was one option I came across as there is no contract [not sure why I didnt think about it],and BYOP, etc.

I guess my next need is opinions and information on “2G” availability and phones…trying to keep his baseline costs at a minimum. Maybe just a quick break down a phone/plan, no contract and actual phone purchase recomendations based on the limited need. I didnt even realize 2G was still a thing…

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


Hi @joelk.byvcp7!

First off, Republic only supports smartphones-even with BYOP. Second, 2g is only used when 4G and 3G are unavailable in your location. Republic does not charge different prices for accessing 2G as opposed to 3G or 4G. Next, the current price for a plan with no data is $15 + Tax (that’s the base plan for all plans). That includes unlimited calls and texts on WiFi and Cell. If you would like some data, it’s $5 per GB (so if he needed 1gb, your plan cost would be $20 + tax). You can also add one-time data for $5 (the data does expire at the end of the month). I know you said that he didn’t need data, but if a scenario came up in which he did, it would only be $5 more. You can view the plans here . As far as phones go, there are a number of options. I assume that he wouldn’t need a very powerful phone (coming form a flip phone :wink: ) so it shouldn’t be too expensive. Here are a few cheaper options: Alcatel A30, Moto E4, Moto E4 plus, and the Samsung Galaxy J3. I would highly recommend looking into the Galaxy J3. Since he is coming from a flip phone and is an older gentleman, there is going to be a significant learning curve to a smartphone. Samsung phones have a built-in option called “Easy Mode” that can make the transition a little easier. It makes the text and apps larger and only allows a few apps on the home screen. This way, he won’t get confused with the 25+ apps that are already installed. You can have just the essential apps on the home screen for him. You can read more about Easy Mode here . I hope I helped a little!




RW only offers the My Choice pan for all new phone they sell or list of compatible phones purchased elsewhere. Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

Unlimited talk/text costs $15. All these phones are considered smart phones but are used by many as just a phone. 2G, 3G and 4G data speed availability in a network coverage area has no effect on the plan cost.

“Smart phones” are just as easy as older dumb phones for old farts to use. Once out of the box and activated anyone should be able to be making calls in a matter of minutes.


Just a augment the above,

Nor does any other carrier.

The learning curve is somewhat significant, but not terribly steep. In other words, as you know, it’s very different from a flip phone, but, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. This should be especially true if he uses the Easy mode of a Samsung, as suggest in @mb2x’s excellent response, above.


Looks like the information I needed. Thanks all. Was having a hard time wrapping my head around reverting back in technology last night. Figured Id shout out here and get it all aggregated tidily.

Thanks again.


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