Opinions on case for Moto Z Play


Hey everyone. New Republic customer here. Finally was able to make the jump from Sprint. Four phones for less than half of the bill for two phones from sprint!

Anyways. I am a contractor so I am looking for the best protection that isn’t too bulky for my Z play. Based on my research it looks like There isn’t any full protection cases like lifeproof. I prefer that but if there is another case anyone uses in similar fields of work I am open to options. Maybe a shell with screen protection?

Thanks in advance


I don’t yet have this phone, so I haven’t actually used these cases. I’ve been researching cases as I think tis is the phone I will buy. One thing to think about is whether you’ll want to use Moto Mods, because that could drive your case-buying decision. Many of these have cutouts for the magnets on the back which, from what I can tell, is useless because the cases can’t be used with Mods. Some of the bumpers can though.

Again, I have not used these personally but they are ones that I am considering.

Two Tone Bumper Case from Verizon

Incipio case
Incipio generally makes pretty good cases but there are a few reviews o this case that aren’t glowing. Then again, people with something negative to say are often more apt to write a review than happy customers.

Incipio DualPro Case

Incipio Co-Molded Bumper Case

OMOTION Dual-Layer Case

NageBee Armor Heavy Duty Shock-Proof Dual-Layer with holster

Speck CandyShell Grip

MP-Mall Dual Layer Shockproof Armor Hybrid Defender

LK Case with Shock Absorption Drop Protection Hybrid Armor Defender

Tech21 EVO Tech Case
This case is a little pricier than others but I’ve read great things about this brand.

Case-Mate Tough Case with Stand


I checked out several Tech21 cases at Best Buy this week and I really like the feel of them as far as rigidity and flex, i.e. they feel like there’s enough give that the phone would be protected well in a fall. They also seem to get great user product reviews.


I just bought this case tonight, in red. It’s cheaper to buy on Amazon with free Prime Shipping.


As a carpenter, I have the same issue with the Moto Z Play. the reason I like Lifeproof cases is that water proof also means dust proof. A shell and screen protector doesn’t provide dust protection. As a temporary measure, I bought a shell with screen protector that looked good, but is cheesy (didn’t expect much for $10!). I’ll check out Best Buy or Verizon. Hope Lifeproof or Otterbox come up with something! I think I may have read that the “Droid” Moto Z play case may not be compatible with Moto Z play phones for some reason. Not sure. Think I’ll go to Verizon and check it out.
Looks like the only thing Best Buy has is this battery pack, which isn’t really a case. Nice if you need extra power though.
Verizon lists 8 cases on their website, all out of stock!

Notable Newbies: Welcome!

I ended up doing the same. I bought an Omotion case off Amazon for $8. Protection seems good for drops. I’m hoping LifeProof or OtterBox comes out with something though.


Went into Verizon and it turns out the Moto Z2 Play cases fit the Moto Z Play. Kind of strange as the Play 2 is thinner. All the cases they had were one piece, so it might not work with a case like LifeProof with two pieces (they didn’t have any to try).
Best Buy didn’t have squat for Motorola. Strange how they don’t seem to make or carry many cases for Motorola. Asked the kid as Best Buy if the Motos were not popular. He assured me they were, but had no explanation on the lack of cases. Anyway, you can get decent one piece case at Verizon.

Notable Newbies: Welcome!

I like the looks and feel of the Speck case for the Z Play. The design gives it incredible anti-slip qualities. It may not offer the absolute best drop protection. But, I think it is the least likely to slip from your hand. And, it looks great!


Wdemeter: Which Z2 Play cases did you try that worked?

I cancelled my order for the Zizo Bolt case and bought an Incipio Level 4 case. It’s extremely protective but it isn’t as grippy as I would like so I’m considering the Speck Candyshell Grip that beachb mentioned. I was just curious if you tried this one with your phone?


Yes, I have the Speck case on my phone. While I love the looks and the grippy ridges in the design, I’m not as confident as I would be with a Level 4 Incipio case that the phone would survive a significant drop. The Speck case is ok, but it’s not a dual layer case with a soft, shock absorbing inner layer. I was going to try a Level 4 Incipio, but I couldn’t find one. But, I really like the looks and feel of the Speck.


I like the protection of the Incipio L4 but it doesn’t have as much grip as I would like and, since this is such a big phone, this worries me, especially since I’m a woman with small hands. I found the Speck case for $15 off over the weekend so I ordered one, hoping that the grippiness helps me hold the phone. I’m really starting to question this purchase though because of the size and heft of the phone. If I sell it, I’ll give you a good deal on the Incipio . . . :blush:


Thank you! :grinning:


How do you like the speck case?
I bought the Zizo Bolt and it’s fine, except it doesn’t provide the dust protection I would like (as provided by Otterbox or Lifeproof). It’s a pretty rugged looking case, can’t imagine many women would like it. High marks for grip though. I think all these cases will protect the phone in a normal drop, unless the screen takes a direct shot with some object. Even a screen protector may not help in that scenario. Speaking of which, I highly recommend the Mr. Shield FULL COVERAGE shields on Amazon. The full are easier to install (because they cover all of the screen) and seem to have better adhesive than the partials (the cut outs are larger on the partial, and the shield is slightly smaller overall).
I think The up side with the “heft” of the Moto Z Play is battery life. The Moto Z2 is about half the thickness, but doesn’t have the battery life of the Z play.
Apparently, the Moto Z Play has not been that popular, as it was originally rolled out exclusively through Verizon with limited success. In fact, they were giving them away if you switched to Verizon. My friend switched and got one. I liked her phone, so I switched FROM Verizon to Republic and bought one. : ) I really like the phone, but the one downside is lack of case variety, apparently due to lack of sales volume.


If battery life is a priority, the Z Play is, indeed, a fantastic phone. The only thing it really lacks vs. the X4 is Screencast and FM radio. The downside is that the whole phone is made of glass. Thus owners should do all they can to protect the phone from drops. As for tempered glass screen protectors, I bought IQ Shield, specifically because I wanted the type of cutouts they have. I’m very pleased with the quality of the product. As for the Speck case, I like it. I love the grippy ridges that help prevent the phone from slipping from my hand. I don’t necessarily love that it doesn’t have a soft silicone inner liner. But, I’m also not sure that it’s necessary. So, I give the Speck an A- (minus). My phone has already survived a couple of minor drops, but no big ones.

I try to keep the battery charge between 25 and 80 percent. Since I typically only need to charge the phone every other day, I expect the battery to last a good, long time. I expect to keep this phone longer than any I’ve bought to date. I hope the Speck is up to the job.