Opinions on the Google Pixel 4XL

I am looking to upgrade from a OnePlus 6T to the Google Pixel 4XL. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the 4 XL. My OnePlus 6T still works quite well so it is more of an information gathering run for me. Thanks for your help.

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6 - starting with a side-by-side spec comparison sometimes helps.

I’m not running either of these phones so don’t have any personal experience to share. Hope this helps!


What is your current phone?

@rolandh Is using a Pixel 4XL with Republic. I’m sure he’ll share his thoughts.

Awesome! I have read a review where they said it is more like the iPhone 11, which doesn’t matter to me but there were also hardware issues they had as well. I haven’t had a chance to read other reviews yet.

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6,

I purchased my Pixel 4 XL on Black Friday prior to last Christmas. I’m uncertain what is meant about it being more like the iPhone 11. Pixels generally and the Pixel 4 XL have superior cameras (like the iPhone 11), The user interface is extremely responsive (again like the iPhone 11). These seem like positives to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the nearly six months I’ve owned my Pixel 4 XL, I’ve encountered precisely no hardware issues. When reading online reviews for any phone, one will read of a certain percentage of problems for some. Nothing in my personal experience or that I’ve seen in helping others (in addition to helping out here I like @louisdi am one of Republic’s Community Experts) suggests the the Pixel 4 XL has more hiccups than other smartphones. Of course, like other smartphones, Pixels are covered under manufacturer’s (in this case Google) warranty for one year.

One caveat to keep in mind with all Pixels is like Apple’s iPhones, Pixels do not accept MicroSD cards to supplement internal storage. You would want to be certain to select an onboard storage option the fits your needs. For me 64 GB is ample but a 128 GB option is available. Unless you store a large volume of photos, music and videos on your phone, 64 GB would likely suffice.

Finally, perhaps, my favorite thing about Pixels is they get Android updates faster and for longer than any other Android phone available. Only Apple’s iPhones surpass the standard Google has set. No other manufacturer using Android does.

Bottom line, the Pixel 4 XL is a premium phone (with a premium price attached). In that sense, I guess it’s again similar to Apple’s iPhone 11.

If there’s something more specific you’d like to know regarding the Pixel 4 XL, please let us know.


I was thinking of upgrading and this phone would be one I hang on too for a long time. Knowing they have updates longer and quicker also is a good thing if I am keeping this phone for many years. Is it a CDMA phone or is it a GSM phone? It doesn’t matter for the fact the 6T I have through the BYOP is GSM but is still a great phone for my ZIP code. Thank you again for your help Roland.

The Pixel is both CDMA and GSM and can be activated with either Republic partner.

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I am thinking of upgrading to either OnePlus 7t or Pixel 4. If the 4xl is like the pixel 4, there is no fingerprint sensor, just face unlock. It may be a minor deal but know that some apps that you currently open with fingerprint may not open with face unlock. So for me, I’m leaning 7t. Plus the pixels went up in price again.

Just curious, how was your experience with the 6t?

I’ve had no issues with my 6T. It’s a great phone. I haven’t looked at the 7T. Thank you for your input about the Pixel 4XL.

I looked at getting the 7T as well. OnePlus is sold out of them on their website. I wanted to give you a heads up in case you had not looked yet.

This side-by-side comparison sold me on the OnePlus.

I’m curious as to why. I consider the Pixel 4XL superior in just about every way when compared to the 6T. What is it about the comparison that sold you on the OnePlus?

Hi Louisdi, I looked at that chart that an earlier poster had put up- things seemed largely equivalent and the OnePlus was several hundred dollars less expensive. That’ll be the next phone I seriously consider.

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Agree with most of what your saying according to the comparison below 4XL v 7T. The Geekbench benchmark shows the 7T to have about a 10% performance standard advantage as well as cost advantage (in the Tests section at the bottom of the comparison).

However, if you are a camera geek, I believe most people would agree the Pixel is superior by a good margin. Hacks me off though that the Pixel 4 line removed fingerprint scanning to rely on facial recognition only. Many secure apps like banking don’t use facial as of yet. I read one reviewer say “that eliminating fingerprint scanning seems like solving a problem that didn’t exist”. Probably done for space conservation.


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