“Opps error” message when trying to activate new (replacement) phone

So I am not having “voice calls only” error message, but I felt like this was the closest post to my issue - and most recent reply.

I just got another phone to replace my son’s phone that is currently with Republic Wireless. Gone through all the steps to get it started up to activation through the Republic app. The app is updated to the current version. I’ve attempted restarting the phone a few times. It gives me a “Opps error” message and tells me to put in a help ticket.

When I go to the help ticket - it asks me to log in. After entering my login, it goes to the next screen, but is slightly greyed with a green loading circle going around and around and around. NOTHING loads from there. I’ve tried to put in a help ticket on 3 different Republic Wireless phones AND from my computer and I get the same constant loading issue. It does have a pop up that says there are issues with your servers - it should be resolved soon - and try again in a moment.

It’s been over 5 hours.

I can’t activate the new phone. I can’t put in a help ticket. And according to your website all things are “operational”.

Please help.

Hi @stephanied.ffxjq8,

I’ve moved your post to its own topic because it’s not related to the “Voice Calls Only” error people are seeing.

I’ll clear up the issue with your account so you can open a ticket. Doing so will likely take me only a moment. I’m sorry you’ve been through so much already just trying to get the phone activated.

I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve cleared up the issue on the help ticket.

Ok @stephanied.ffxjq8,

Please log out of our account portal, then log back in and open the ticket. I’m sorry I can’t just as quickly solve the activation error, I’m not familiar with an “Opps error” message.

I just posted in another page regarding the help ticket issue. This sounds exactly like my problem since it’s happening across all devices. Could you please fix.


I’ve moved your posts into a single place so we aren’t trying to reply to each other across multiple conversations.

If you could update with the phone type that you’re trying to active, hopefully someone in the community can chime in with some help to get you going.
You profile shows ‘Current Phone: Moto E 4th Gen’ … is that what you’re trying to activate?

Hi @jben ,

After reviewing a help ticket this member had previously opened, I’m certain this error she’s seeing is something our technicians will need to address. I’ve alerted a member of our support team that she has spent much of the day waiting and needs prompt assistance.

ok, thanks

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