Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy phone for Republic Wireless

Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy phone for Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless - Samsung Phone (Android 10 and up) settings check list:

Your Samsung phone is charged and ready! :white_check_mark:

Your Republic Wireless SIM is installed! :white_check_mark:

You signed into your Samsung phone with your Google account and into the Republic app! :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

Just a few more steps to fine-tune your Samsung Galaxy phone for service on Republic Wireless! :rw_3: :nerd_face:

First, let’s confirm the Basic Network Settings. :heavy_check_mark:
You can do that here:

Next, we’ll turn off Samsung WiFi Calling and let Republic Wireless handle it! :heavy_check_mark: :sunglasses:

Now for a little Power Management! :zap:
This tweak prevents the Samsung OS from putting the Republic app to sleep. :heavy_check_mark: :sleeping:

And finally… Texting:
Republic Wireless supports both Google Messages and Republic Anywhere :messages: :anywhere::heavy_check_mark:

You can download a copy of Google Messages here:

And a copy of Republic Anywhere here:

Congratulations! :smiley:
Your Samsung Galaxy phone is now optimized for use on Republic Wireless! :tada:


Thank you, just what I have been looking for to setup my new S20FE.


Thank YOU @wshrman!
It was your Community post that ignited the creation of the Tip & Trick. :nerd_face:


Your welcome, nice response from you, one of the reasons I have been with Republic forever.


Just used this for my S21 - very helpful - thanks.

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