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I recently needed to obtain a new phone and to obtain data must purchase at least 1 gb. I previously had a Moto X with the plan to receive a refund for unused data. I usually use only 100 to 200 mb of data to monitor security cameras and would like to see more options to purchase data in 100mb increments. Possibly this could be done for a cost of $1 per 100 mb. It would only save a few dollars but never like to purchase something I cannot use.


Hi @mechanics200,

It a worthwhile suggestion and I’d have no objection to additional options either. I, too, use less than 500 MB most months.

I don’t know it could be done at $1 per 100 MB but maybe it could. The $5 per GB price is based on the reality some number of folks will not use the entire GB. The industry calls this pricing model breakage. True pay only for what one uses (what we had on the refund plan) had an upfront cost of $15/GB meaning 100 MB would be roughly $1.50.

For others reading who may be considering a move from Republic’s grandfathered refund plans to My Choice, the current break even point on actual data use is 2/3 of a GB. If one uses more than that My Choice is more cost effective. If, however, one uses less than 2/3 of a GB, My Choice is an effective price increase albeit a relatively small one in my judgement. I do find the benefits of My Choice to be worth it but respect others may not share that opinion.


Thanks for your info. I am not familiar with having better benefits with My Choice. I am aware that my reception here is not mas good as what I had with Sprint. T Mobile is only fair. I had expected to continue with Sprint but it appears that Republic in all their wisdom changed me to a lower quality service for more cost. I need to contact someone at Republic to see what they can do to change me back to sprint.

Hi @mechanics200,

What one person considers to be a benefit might not matter at all to someone else. There’s nothing wrong with that, different things are important to different folks. Rather than go into what I consider to be the benefits of My Choice, I’d like to see if we might not improve your circumstances coverage wise.

Most newer Republic compatible phones do offer the choice of GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage or CDMA (Sprint network) coverage.

Would you be willing to share the brand, model and generation of your current Republic phone?


Sure. I replaced a Moto X 1st gen with a Moto E4 Plus. I was advised it was 4th generation XT1775. I Hope to get Republic to replace the sim for one I can use with Sprint. I agree with your comments about different things being important depending on ones needs. I really should look into what My Choice offers. My main concern was with replacing with a phone that would work for me. The Moto X had some issues with wifi and would soon need to replace the battery. My new unlocked phone cost less than the battery replacement so replacing was kind of obvious. Overall Republic has meet the needs of myself and my wife. We are both in our early 70’s so don’t have pressing needs.

Hi @mechanics200,

Provisioned coverage for your Moto E4 Plus may indeed be switched to CDMA (Sprint network) coverage. I cannot provide the needed CDMA SIM for you, however, I can point you specifically in the right direction. To that end, may I send you a private message?

One benefit, I’d like to point out for My Choice in this circumstance is the ability to use the Moto E4 Plus with Republic. In order for earlier generation Motorola phones to work with Republic, it was necessary for Republic in partnership with Motorola to modify the Android operating systems on those phones. Newer compatible phones using My Choice do not require the Android operating system to be modified. It’s not at all a given, Republic would have been able to support the portfolio of newer compatible phones if modifying the operating system remained a requirement. Therefore, to me, the ability to use newer phones, which are truly unlocked, is among the benefits of My Choice.

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Sure you can send me a message.

Moderator’s note: E-mail address redacted from public post.

Hi @mechanics200,

I’ve responded by direct message to your Community inbox with more information specific to your circumstances. Please let us know if you need help locating that. To protect your privacy, your email has been redacted from our view and me knowing it is not needed to send information privately via the Community.

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Ok I understand. I will check. Thanks

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I logged in but did not find the location of your message.

By logged in, that’s logged into the Community where you originally started this thread, yes? If so, do you see a green circle with a 1 just to the left of your avatar I have no messages waiting for me currently, so the green circle I reference is not there but, hopefully this gives you an idea of where to look:

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Hi @mechanics200,

You can access the personal message from @rolandh at this link: https://forums.republicwireless.com/t/31247.

I clicked on your provided link but the page states either does not exist or mis private. I know it is private but have not determined how to access the message.

Hi @mechanics200,

The link is working for me and should, in theory, work for you. Are you signed into the Community before clicking the link? There’s some information there specific to your circumstance, I’d like you to have but the gist is in this Republic Help Center article:

OK I will try again.


I know I’m late to the party but thought I would share my experience. When I upgraded my Moto X , I too was moved to T-Mobile and had less coverage in my area. I opened a help ticket explaining my issue and asked to be put back on the Sprint network. The support folks asked a few questions, concluded Sprint provided better coverage in my location and proceeded to send a Sprint sim card. The switch over went well and I am a happy camper again. I hope you get your issue resolved soon!


Thanks for the info. I did contact Republic and also received a CDMA sim. I also understand why GSMSims are provided. Not all phones can accommodate CDMA.

The lower data users are subsidizing the higher data users. This subsidy is occurring on most carriers. There are other companies which still offer smaller data tiers such as Tello 500mb for $9/month.

I like the idea of some sort of benefit to not using your full GB of data in a month… some sort of money back, upgrade, credit for next month, etc?


Which doesn’t seem like that great a deal, because 1GB of data is only $1 more. Also, no roaming whatsoever.

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