Orange Holiday Sim Card


Travelling to France later this year. Has anyone tried using an Orange Holiday Sim Card while travelling in Europe. I have Moto G4 (GSM) so I think it should work, but wanted to see if anyone had tried it and what their experience was with it.




Two resources from @RolandH (fellow Ambassador)


Hi @aaronc.jbk05d,

I have not tried Orange Holiday SIM card, and had never heard of them before your post.

I used Lebara when I was in France last month and I was very pleased with everything from the convenience of buying the SIM card in a shop in the train station, to activation online, to coverage, call quality, and data availability. Pricing was reasonable and the cost of the SIM card itself was applied as a credit on the account for additional purchases. (I’m not sure if that’s all the time, or if it was a limited offer.)

:fr: What part of France will you be visiting?


Great and thanks for the information. From the forums here and online info it seems that it should work.



Great and thanks! Those are helpful and it seems like they should work.




A fellow Community member who moved to France has another suggestion here: Moving overseas. Can I use my RW Moto G4 with a new SIM?.

Orange is apparently still the predominant service provider in France, however, it looks like they’ve got some competition and that’s a good thing. It’s often possible to acquire a SIM for use where one is traveling while still home in the U.S., however, my experience is one will generally get a better deal by waiting until one arrives wherever they’re traveling.


That was a helpful thread as well. I did have a follow on questions about APN settings changes. Are these accessible now or only when I put in the local SIM card when I get to France? I could not locate them on my Moto G4 at present. Any help or direction would be great. If it would be better to repost this new question I can do that.




The Republic Wireless app manages APNs when one has a Republic SIM resident in their phone. Typically, one is prompted to update APN settings when activating an alternative SIM (domestic or international). The update might be over the air (OTA) or received as a link in a text message from the provider whose alternative SIM one chooses to use.

My apologies for the above long-winded response. tl;dr, don’t worry about APNs until activating the foreign SIM.


That makes sense and it seems pretty easy to change those settings once I put in the new SIM card. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing where to do it or there was some issue with the phone.

Thanks to everyone for the help. I will post an update when I return from the trip.