Order issues that Republic Wireless will not fix


I just order one phone to replace another existing phone. After I selected “place order”, the Republic Wireless web site said “Something went wrong, retry”. So I did. And you guessed it, I now have 2 phones coming and Republic Wireless refused to cancel the extra order a few minutes after the it was sent. I almost hit “retry” a third time. What a bunch of crappy administrative service. So now I have to ship the extra phone back, and I hope I get all the money back. What a screwed up system.



Sorry to hear about your poor purchasing experience. To my knowledge, orders are sent to fulfillment right away and therefore Republic does not have the ability to cancel them once placed. Now, typically when a phone is returned, the initial shipping is not refunded. I suggest you open a ticket and explain the situation. I’m sure Republic will make it right.


Hi @stevep.slpziz
If I were you I would have a ticket made out on the order issue that was beyond your control in your view. I can tell you right now you will have to send that phone back and have a ticket made to get a RMA label to ship it back and you will probably not receive your shipping fees when the phone is returned and the refund gets sent back.
I would be ahead of the game to get the ball rolling on an authorization to have fees returned on 1 of the phones. This may have to go thru a few channels to be completed because fees usually are not returnable but in your case if proven there was a glitch in the ordering process you may get funds returned. Republic Help


I hear you, but can’t we have 21st century practices? If the web site was defective, then why should a customer suffer? I would own this if it were my mistake. I could have ordered(unknowingly) 5 phones if I kept hitting “retry”.


I get it, but what a way to make a customer suffer. Frankly, I will end my service with Republic Wireless if this gets anymore convoluted.


It may have been an internet thing. I don’t know! I am just saying get the door open to start the process. Do you have 2 tracking numbers or 1 tracking number with 2 packages?


Two tracking numbers. I will return one right away, when it comes to my door. I went by what the web site asked “retry”. But luckily I got suspicious when the screen kept coming back to the same order parameters with everything filled out. I will get things started.


I been here 6+yrs and republic always has treated customers well.


Hi @stevep.slpziz,

Please do not do so by refusing the order. That will simply delay your refund because it will return the order to our fulfillment center, which does not process our returns.

For a smooth return, please follow our documented return process.


It is understood to go through your cumbersome procedures. How about having a short delay in your ordering system by 2 - 4 hours, so one could cancel a mistake instigated by your web site? Or institute a web site check that states “Hey, you just ordered a phone, do you really want to order another one?” “Please check yes or no” Not hard to do in terms of programming.


This would result in having to move the ordering deadline back by that 2-4 hours. Customer far more often are upset that they can’t order at 6p and get the phone the next day. It his deadline was suddenly noon it would result in a lot more unhappy customers than the inability to cancel creates.


Hi @stevep.slpziz,

Thanks for the suggestions. They are ideas that have been considered, and we continue to look for ways to offer an option to cancel. While something may seem simple from a programming perspective, once you dig into the complexities of the system, the reality is that it’s a lot more complex than it appears. For the time being, we’re limited to dealing with a handful of situations like yours through support tickets, as you’ve done, addressing the circumstances as fairly as we can.


Point taken, but how about fixing a bug that creates difficulties for the few? BTW, I found a 3rd phone order sitting in the order basket, but not yet sent for purchase. So I deleted that one. Hmm, maybe this programming issue can be fixed?


I’m sorry, but I don’t find this process that complex at the front end. Your orders probably go directly to Motorola, LG, or a dealer that carries all the phones you list. Prior to the order going out, can’t there be a simple counter that flags "> 1 = “There is more than one phone in your order queue, are you sure you want to proceed? Yes or No”. A simple delay of a few minutes would do. If the customer does not answer(or has a web site glitch), then the orders stay in the “non-sent” basket. I realize the programming piece is more involved, but the structure is pretty simple. BTW, as I mentioned to another person on this forum, I found a 3rd phone order in the basket. Luckily, I was able to delete it before anymore snafus could occur. I am not trying to be a curmudgeon, but there has to be a better way when compared to a LOT of business web sites that allow quick cancellation. I’m done talking about it and thanks for listening.


I would just refuse one of the phones when FedEx arrives.


That would only create more delay.


I had a similar situation. I tried to cancel the order prior to its shipping, but was unable to. I explained what had happened, and Republic credited my account for the cost of shipping. That was nice but it is still a pain in the rump. I believe there are other items they sell that you are able to cancel. I don’t know why they can’t do that with a new phone purchase. Definitely a problem that needs to be remedied


Hi @randyw.dm5fsf,

It’s not a matter of which item it is. The only time we’re able to cancel an order is when it goes to a “backordered” state due to lack of inventory.