Order upgrade to existing phone 2017

I would like to buy a new Moto G and transfer my existing number to the new phone and have a new number on the old phone (Gen 1 Moto G) as our “house phone”. Although this question has been answered in previous strings, I cannot find the option to “order this new phone as an upgrade to an existing phone”, on the checkout screen. How will Republic know that this is an upgrade to an existing phone and not a new phone?

Hi @karinas.gqacgn,

Republic changed the way the store works a few months back. Replacement is now done when activating the phone rather than when ordering it: Activate My Phone.

Hi @karinas.gqacgn!

A few months ago, Republic changed the way phones are bought. They no longer are attached to an account until they are activated. You will switch the number over upon receiving the phone and activating it. Hope that helps!


Thank you! This answers my question.

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