Ordered new moto g7 play to replace Moto X (Black) (2nd Gen.) - does it come with SIM for sprint?

Hi - just ordered new moto g7 play to replace a non sim Moto X (Black) (2nd Gen.). Does a republic SIM come with the new phone? Doesn’t say in phone specs on republic web site but son’t want to assume that on come with it. Also I’m in sprint country as other carrier doesn’t work in my zip. will republic know that by looking at who is the carrier for our other republic phone?

And why does one only have express delivery choices of 1 or 2 days. I was looking for free but slow delivery. Why no 7-10 free slow delivery choices? Thanks


The Moto G7 Play is available for purchase only in specific coverage areas because it can currently support only our GSM SIM card.

The phone will come with a SIM card installed (GSM). If you’ve already placed the order, there’s no way to cancel unless the phone is back-ordered.


When this is the case, generally it means slow wouldn’t be substantially cheaper or free. For the most part, what one sees as shipping options is what Republic’s shipping partner offers for delivery to one’s area.

This is accurate, however, please know one may still leverage Republic’s money back guarantee to return items once received.

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