Ordered One Phone, Got Two


Back on Aug. 18, I ordered a new phone (Z Play). As soon as I got the order confirmation email in my Gmail account, I logged off and left the office. That was a Friday evening. I was traveling that weekend, so didn’t log back into that email account until several days later. I didn’t notice that I received a second confirmation email… for second new phone! Imagine my surprise when I got home today and saw TWO new RW phone boxes by my door.

I immediately logged into my RW account and saw that, in fact, there were two orders. Next, I checked my Gmail account. This was the first time I realized I had two order confirmation emails with timestamps that were six minutes apart. There isn’t a single microgram of doubt in my mind that I only placed one order, and that there was nothing tricky about the order process. I did not double click the order. How the second order was placed is a complete mystery to me.

I knew, of course, that I could simply return the second phone for a full refund of the price of the phone. But, I was a little upset about being out the shipping charges when I knew darn well that I didn’t place two orders.

I opened a help chat with support agent Alex. After a brief chat, Alex relieved my concerns with a credit arrangement that took all the angst out the ordeal. I will be returning the second phone and not feeling upset about being cheated out of shipping costs for the second phone. My thanks to Alex for a skillful support job and making a long time member happy to still be a Republic Wireless customer.

I’m still baffled about how the double order may have occurred… if it happened on my end or there’s… or what. But, now I can be excited again about getting a new phone! Thanks Alex!



Were they both Moto Z’s?.

I ask because although a lot of time passed, there is this…Is this a mistake!? Getting a gift from RW? Update

Just checking, you know we love details.



You should post your Kudos here, you might win something:

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Hi @beachb,

I’m very sorry to read about this mix-up, and I’m not at all surprised to hear that Alex was able to quickly take care of it for you. Time and again I’ve seen our support teams do what it takes to make things right for our members.

If you’d like me to move your post to the Kudo & Win thread, I can do so without your having to cross-post it. just let me know if you’d like it entered there. I believe you already have a T-shirt from a previous Community drawing, so we could send something else if you were to win in this giveaway.



Hi Southpaw,

Yes, it would be very convenient if you would move the post to Kudo & Win. Thank you. And, if I can’t win another t-shirt, just put me on the list for a new Moto Z2 when Republic expands the inventory. :wink:

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Yes, they were both Moto Z Play phones. Too bad the second one wasn’t a gift. With 7000 mA of battery, I could go a week without a recharge! lol

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