Ordering a new phone, Moto X4 is dying

So my Moto X4 (bought back in 2015/2016) battery is swelling up and becoming a problem. I am buying a new one, can anyone tell me how to back up this phone so I can put it onto the new one?
Also, by using the same gmail address will my old paid apps be available to me on the new phone too.
Can anyone think of a reason why I should pay for a One 5G Ace, or should I just stick with the G Power model. (the Moto site seems to indicate the G Power is not 5G compatible but the sales literature on Republic I think says it does)
All I really do is read books on it. talk and text but not much else

There’s a good overview here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone


The Moto G Power is not 5G.

My opinion on this is that as long as you replace your phone every few years, right now you shouldn’t worry about whether a device is 5G or not. 5G remains essentially a marketing tool, and nothing else. Multiple large-scale studies find that 5G is marginally faster, and a lot of cases slower, then 4G on the same network. This will remain true over the short term and likely medium term. It will change over time as more frequencies become available for 5g, including c-band and other soon to be auctioned frequency blocks. Of course getting a 5G phone now, other than a few flagships, won’t help you once those frequencies are rolled out because they do not support them. In addition, the super high speeds that you’ve heard people talking about with 5G are related to what’s known as Ultra wideband. These frequencies are blocked by trees, glass, people, basically everything. Because of this they are in very few, highly localized, locations and will remain there until quite literally thousands, or millions of microcells are rolled out which will be years, or never.

One other thing, given what you’ve described you use your phone for, 5G is really meaningless. Eventually, and I mean years and years and years, will be talking about getting a 5G phone because the 4G networks are going away, but that will be well past the lifespan of any device.


Please point me to anything you’ve seen on the Republic website that says the Moto G Power is 5G capable so I can get that fixed. This page: moto g power (2021) – Republic Wireless does not list 5G among the phone’s technical specifications.


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