Ordering a SIM card



Hello I’m getting a Motorola-MOTO-G5-Plus-XT1687 and i need a CDMA sim card. I do not get coverage in my area with the GMA sim card and was wondering if I order the SIM card starter kit if i will get what i need.


when ordering a BYOD SIM it will be GSM
if coverage is not good your need to work with republic support and see if they are willing to link the device to CDMA and send out a replacement SIM


How did you come to the determination that you need a CDMA SIM card? Please review this thread for recently activated G5+ that had issues with access to cellular data…either way as @drm186 rightly recommended…this issue will need a help ticket to resolve…but I just wanted to make you aware that it might not be necessarily the GSM coverage in your area…if your issue is
same as the one experienced by others in that other discussion.


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