Oreo 8.1 support? Connected to null?


I’ve been watching the Announcement section for information about support for Oreo 8.1. My Pixel 2 has been showing the icon for the update for a few days now, but I’m on call this week so can’t risk being without it just to find out if Republic supports it.

Any official stance at this time?

Republic Wireless App Update: Version

Hi dana they have to test the update an approve for release then they wiil say ok. Then you can down down load the update.Other wise may cause problems without there ok.


Hi @dana,

Does the notification by any chance let you know in advance what the build number is?


Unfortunately no. Just 8.1.0


Hi southpaw
the build no. for 8.1.0 is opp6.171019.012 That is what is on my FI phone. Nexus5X
If any one has the byop on RW. an has been alerted .


Hi @morrisb.mvhqhs,

I appreciate your help in community more than you can know!

One thing I’ve recently learned is that build numbers are different for each phone, and even, sometimes, for the same phone when it will be used on different carriers. There are even different builds for people who like to test things early, and for phones sold in other countries!

So the build for a Nexus 5X will be different than the build for a Pixel 2.

I was hoping to be sure the build @dana is being offered is the public release, not a developer’s build. It looks like that build number should be OPM1.171019.011.

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Good morning @dana,

I’m still learning all the ins and outs of updates and compatibility with our service, so I checked with @richard.p, who not only follows the release of updates with the same enthusiasm some people have for a favorite sports team, but also carries the Pixel 2. He has assured me you’re seeing a publicly released update (I was afraid it might be a developer build) and we do support it.

Please go right ahead and update your phone.


Android Oreo 8.1 support for Pixel 2?


Hi @dana,

I’ve moved your post to this topic, because it is not related to our announcement of our newly released Republic Wireless app.

I replied to you on Saturday morning (above) to let you know that you can update your phone to 8.1

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My apologies, I didn’t see notifications of replies here so I thought since there were questions about builds, that it wasn’t supported yet, and didn’t see anything in the notes of the most recent Republic App update.

I updated both a Nexus 5X and Pixel 2. Both are functioning but the Republic app now says “Connected to null” instead of connected to my SSID name, so certainly a bug related to the 8.1 update as I double checked before updating the second device.

Republic Wireless App Update: Version

Hey @dana - Is your WiFi network a hidden network by chance?
I’ve seen this happen after a software update before in that situation. If this is the case, I’d be interested to see if forgetting the network & reconnecting fixes that for you.



It is not hidden, it is broadcast. Even after multiple reboots of the devices, the Republic app still says Connected to null. I can see the SSID in the wifi settings. I’ll try forgetting it and connecting again.


Thanks for the update. Let me know if it still happens after forgetting the network & reconnecting. :slight_smile:


Forgot the network and rejoined to the SSID but no change. Still shows it as “Connected to null”


Thanks @dana - Could I bother you to check your Republic App version? If it is a version prior to 3.17, that may be our culprit here. (We’re slowly rolling out the 3.17 app version now.)


I’m having same problem with my Pixel’s WiFi being connected to “null” after updating to 8.1. Forgot and reconnected to the network and restarted my phone and am still having the same problem. My Republic app version is 3.16.

Is it possible to revert to Android 8.0 until this bug gets sorted out?


Reverting isn’t a supported action. You could, but it wipes the phone, and must be done quite manually. The bug is simply cosmetic, so there’s really no hard in waiting until the bug is squashed.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to revert back to the previous software
version once you update.

We’re currently rolling out a new version of the Republic app that is built
with compatibility with Android 8.1, so it is possible that the issue will
be resolved once that update reaches your phone.


@richard.p With the app update (3.17) it appears to go from: “Connected to Wifi – Your’re connected to null” to “Connected to Wifi – You’re connected to WiFi”. Umm. Sorta better?


Hi @neuroboy ,

If you haven’t done so, would you try rebooting the modem and router, then forget and reconnect on the phone?

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