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I upgraded my Nexus 6P to Oreo four weeks ago. It’s a battery hog: I’ve tried many so-called solutions. Now I’d like to return to Nougat.

I’d really appreciate directions from (trusted) Republic members. Thanks for taking the time to help me.



Going backwards isn’t a generally supported step, so it requires quite a bit of manual work, and a full reset of the device.

In addition, the phone will nag you to death for the Oreo update once going back. That being said, you’re likely going to get more detailed assistance on a site like XDA Developers where folks tinker with OS builds.


as the Nexus 6P is unlocked and able to be re-flashed, there would be more helpful information on Google support or XDA pages as there are lots more people doing what your asking than here on Republic

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Good advice, louis. I hate “nagging phones”, so maybe I better wait for the coming update to Oreo. I love getting the new stuff, but do get myself into quagmires!


Thanks, drm. That sounds like very good advice. I love my Nexus, but it can lead me beyond my tech capabilities.:fearful:

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