Oreo beta on S8


I recently joined Republic from AT&T. I’m using the S8 (950U1). When I first got my Republic SIM card I was on the Oreo beta and I had to flash back to Nougat in order to complete activation. Republic app wouldn’t recognize my phone as compatible with Oreo.

Now that I have a working phone on Republic, is it OK if I install the Oreo Beta OS again or will that cause major problems?

thanks in advance,

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Hey @mhh548 and welcome to Republic!

Now that you’ve completed the activation, you could re-install the Oreo Beta if you choose to - however, it would be at your own risk.

The main reason you weren’t able to activate on the Oreo software is because it hasn’t gone through our carrier testing yet to ensure that it is fully compatible with our service. Therefore, we aren’t able to provide support for any issues that may arise while you’re on the beta software.

If you’re willing to take that risk though (especially knowing you can always go back to the non-beta Nougat software if you needed to), feel free to give it a shot! And definitely let us know how your experience goes!



OK, that’s kind of what I thought I’d hear back. Obviously I’m drawn to take some risk since I was on it before. Biggest reason why I asked was to see if there was anyone else out there now who currently is running it. It sounds like the final release for S8 is coming within the end of the month or beginning of February based on how roll-out goes, so this is a rather small temporary issue.


Oops! Looks like beta period just ended!

In any event, thanks for your reply. Now I guess I’ll wait for the real deal! But even in beta, the Oreo release was running really well on the S8 and it’s even the little things like fixing emojis that make life a little bit more enjoyable. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome to hear! I’m looking forward to seeing what Samsung does with it.


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